How to Play Stadia Games on Your Xbox

How to Play Stadia Games on Your Xbox

Stadia isn’t for everyone, but for those of us who enjoy it, it’s fantastic. The one annoyance is that you have to buy a Chromecast or use a laptop to watch it on your big screen.

That requirement will be obsolete in September 2021, thanks to an update to the Xbox family of consoles. It’s now possible to enjoy Stadia on your TV to your heart’s content thanks to Xbox’s new Edge browser. Continue reading to learn how.

How to Play Stadia Games on Your Xbox

How to Play Stadia on Your Xbox Console

The first step is to ensure that your console and browser are both up to date. Use your Xbox controller’s Guide button to navigate all the way to the rightmost menu.

Select Settings, then System > Updates, followed by Check for console updates. If this option does not appear, your console is already up to date.

How to Play Stadia Games on Your Xbox

Press the Guide button once more, then select My games & apps, and then See All. Navigate to the Manage section and then to Updates. Select the Microsoft Edge app if it appears here to ensure it is up to date. You’re ready to get started if you don’t see it.

Type into the newly updated Microsoft Edge browser on your Xbox console. Sign in with your Stadia account information by clicking Sign In. It should now show you your entire game library, and you should be able to play everything on your Xbox console.

Things to Note About Playing Stadia on Xbox

How to Play Stadia Games on Your Xbox

When using your Xbox console to play Stadia, there are a few things to keep in mind. Press the Menu button on your Xbox controller, then select Use game controls before selecting a game.

This ensures that your browser recognizes your Xbox controller as a controller, rather than a mouse and keyboard.

Second, even in controller mode, pressing the B button on your controller acts like pressing the Esc key on a keyboard.

Some games may become unplayable on Stadia on your Xbox as a result of this. Unfortunately, there is currently no way to fix this properly other than using a keyboard and mouse or a Stadia controller over Wi-Fi.

The Bottomline

You should now be able to play Stadia on your television without purchasing a Chromecast Ultra. Of course, if you’d rather not be tethered to the television, you can always play on your phone or tablet.

Well, that’s all we have for you about playing Stadia games on your Xbox console. We hope this guide helped you.

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