How to Meet the People of the Bazaar in Dying Light 2

How to Meet the People of the Bazaar in Dying Light 2

You’ll get a quest called The Only Way Out early in Dying Light 2 that requires you to meet the people of the Bazaar. Although this appears to be a simple quest step, many players become stuck at this point and have no idea how to proceed. There is a hidden requirement for this quest that the game does not mention, but once you figure it out, you’ll be able to complete the rest of it in no time. In Dying Light 2, here’s how to meet the people of the Bazaar.

How to Meet the People of the Bazaar in Dying Light 2

How to Meet the People of the Bazaar in Dying Light 2?

When you first arrive in Old Villedor, Hakon recommends that you visit the Bazaar, a nearby settlement where you can get to know the locals.

The quest instructs you to meet the people of the Bazaar, but even if you speak with everyone in the building, the goal will remain unfulfilled. That’s because you’ll need to put in a little more effort before proceeding to the next step.

You must complete one of the side quests available in the Bazaar at that time in order to progress through The Only Way Out quest. In addition, you must claim a nearby Windmill. The side quest you must complete is thankfully simple, and the Windmill is only a short distance from the Bazaar. The location can be found on the map below.

The side mission you must accept is called “The Spark of Invention,” and it entails assisting Carlos in the construction of an electric fence for the Bazaar.

He’ll send you to a hardware store to look for parts, but if you’ve already done some scavenging before going to the Bazaar, you’ll most likely already have them. Simply walk outside after giving Carlos the parts and watch the fence demonstration.

How to Meet the People of the Bazaar in Dying Light 2

The quest will be completed once the demonstration is completed, and you will gain access to the weapon mod system, which allows you to enhance your weapons with unique properties.

Completing this quest will also complete the “meet the people of the Bazaar” objective, allowing you to continue with the main story. It’s odd that the game doesn’t make it clear that this side quest is essentially required, especially since it unlocks a system as important as weapon mods, but at the very least, it’s a quickie.

If the quest is still not moving forward for some reason, you can pass the time by sleeping in the Bazaar’s bed. If Hakon hasn’t called you yet, get out and see what the city has to offer. Complete a few quests, look around some buildings, and claim a few Windmills. Once you’ve completed enough tasks, Hakon will contact you.

Well, that’s all we have here about how you can meet the people of the Bazaar in Dying Light 2. We hope this guide helped you.

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