How to Break the Fin Seal in Genshin Impact

How to Break the Fin Seal in Genshin Impact

Players who embark on the Moon-Bathed Deep world quest will be required to travel throughout the entire island of Watsumi. There are several levels to the quest, and one of the more difficult tasks is to break the Fin Seal, which is one of the more confusing tasks in the quest.

For players who are having trouble solving the puzzle and breaking the Fin Seal, we’ve put together a short guide that outlines each step.

How to Break the Fin Seal in Genshin Impact

How to Break the Fin Seal in Genshin Impact?

Follow the steps outlined below to Break the Fin Seal in Genshin Impact:

  1. Head north of Watatsumi Island to the small island of Watatsumi.
  2. When you arrive on the island, you’ll notice a shrine with a stone tablet nearby. Interact with the stone tabler and read the information it has to offer.
  3. You’ll have to solve two puzzles after interacting with the stone tablet. On the island, there are two circles with fish statues on them. Interacting with these statues allows you to rotate them. Rotate the statues so that they all face the same direction.
  4. After that, interact with the mysterious pillar to lock these statues and finish the puzzle.

The Fin seal will break after you finish the puzzle on the second circle. Return to the shrine once the spell has been broken to obtain the Spirit Pearl, which is required to complete the quest.

Well, that’s all we have here about how you can break the Fin Seal in Genshin Impact. We hope this guide helped you.

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