Roblox 101: How to Avoid Free Robux Scams

Roblox 101: How to Avoid Free Robux Scams

Roblox is supposed to be a safe online environment where you can use the tools at your disposal to create fantastic games based on your imagination. Unfortunately, there are many scammers on the platform who want to defraud you of your Robux.

Robux is the in-game currency of Roblox, which can be used to purchase game access, avatar accessories, and other items. You can get it by buying gift cards from retail stores like Target or Wal-Mart or by purchasing it directly from the Roblox website.

The hook is that Robux can be exchanged for real money, making it appealing to scammers. Fortunately, by reading this guide, you can avoid becoming a Robux theft victim.

Let’s get one thing straight before we get into the details: there is no such thing as free Robux. If someone approaches you with that offer, they are attempting to steal your money, valuables, or other items.

Robux is one of the ways Roblox Corporation makes money, so thinking you could get them for free would be mistaken.

Roblox 101: How to Avoid Free Robux Scams

What are Robux?

Roblox 101: How to Avoid Free Robux Scams

If you have a Premium Roblox account, you can buy 880 Robux for $9.99 on the Roblox website. You’ll get 800 Robux for $9.99 if you don’t have a Premium account. When you buy Robux directly from Roblox, one Robux is worth about 80 cents in real money.

You can cash out your Robux for real money once you have at least 100,000 Robux (from selling items, using gift cards, etc.) and have met all of the Developer Exchange requirements.

For every 100,000 Robux you sell back to Roblox Corporation, you’ll receive around $350. To put it another way, one Robux is worth slightly more than a quarter of its original value. Scammers are attracted to such a favorable exchange rate.

What Kind of Robux Scams are Going On?

There are numerous Robux scams around the world, all of which are designed to steal your Robux, your username and password, and your items. The following are the most common ways that Robux scams are perpetrated:

  • Roblox messaging system
  • Roblox game chat
  • Downloaded programs
  • Javascript attacks
  • Cookie scraping
  • Fake free Robux streams
  • Fake web pages
  • Free Robux for App Exchange

Before we get into the specifics of the scams, it’s important to note that the majority of scammer accounts fall into the “bot” or “phishing” categories.

Roblox 101: How to Avoid Free Robux Scams

Bot accounts are made with the intention of being used for running cons. Roblox Corporation is frequently notified of these accounts, and they are banned from the platform.

Regrettably, bot accounts are simple to create. Because they don’t require email verification, an entire bot army can be assembled in a matter of minutes.

These are the accounts that send messages and chats to their intended victims in the hopes that they will click on a malicious link.

Accounts that have been phished (pronounced “fished”) are accounts that have been stolen.

Once a scammer has taken control of an account, one of two things is likely to happen. The first is non-existent. The attacker simply saves the account log-in information in a database for later use in a large-scale scam.

What about the second? The attacker changes your password to lock you out, trades all of the items associated with that account for a low price, transfers all Robux out, or uses the account to phish other accounts, starting with anyone in that account’s friends list.

If your account is stolen, you can get it back by contacting Roblox Corporation. Don’t put it off, and don’t be embarrassed.

If you want to reclaim your account, you must act quickly. A representative from Roblox Corporation will contact you and walk you through the account recovery process.

Keep redeemed Robux cards in your wallet. To verify that you are the owner of the stolen account, a customer service representative may ask you to read the used numbers.

To be honest, if you’ve reached this point, the scammer is most likely going to delete your account. But keep a positive attitude.

Roblox Game Chat

A Roblox game’s chat room is one of the first places you’ll come across a scam. The phony account will state something along the lines of “Want free R$?” To get your free Robux, go to [some website].”

Because the Roblox Corporation does not allow links in game chats, scammers have devised inventive ways to mention the URL rather than paste it in. Do not click on these links because they usually lead to a malicious website.

Roblox Messaging

On the Roblox website, there is an email-style system for messaging your friends. This feature is enabled by default, allowing “Everyone” to send you a message.

Scam accounts send large amounts of spam to random users in the hopes of getting them to click on malicious links. You can set your preferences so that only your friends or no one can message you.

Still, keep in mind that your friends’ accounts could be hacked, and any message you receive from them might not be from them.

Fake, Free Robux Streams

If you go to Twitch, YouTube, or another video game live streaming service, you’ll find streamers promising free Robux in exchange for your handle. These are fictitious streams. These are, in fact, looped recordings!

Many viewers mistakenly believe these streamers are giving away free Robux, so they click a malicious chat link in the hopes of receiving free Robux.

A simple way to tell if a stream is fake is to look at how long the person has been streaming. Nobody ever streams for 16 hours in a row. Plus, if you keep an eye on a stream long enough, it will loop. Don’t click on links from unknown sources once more.

Fake Web Pages

Pages that appear to be legitimate businesses appear on a regular basis. To get free Robux, you must enter your Roblox username and password on these websites. These are, once again, phony. When a scammer tries to steal your account, this is usually the last place they go.

Free Robux for Apps Exchange

Scammers will ask you to download an app to your phone and follow a series of steps in order to receive free Robux. Typically, they’ll ask you to:

  • Take a survey
  • Download an app
  • Fill in your personal information, including your first and last names, as well as your Roblox username
  • Play for fixed amount of time
  • Complete tasks in various apps, such as leveling up to level 4 in a game or finishing a tutorial

These apps and offers are intended to entice you to spend time watching their advertisements, resulting in revenue for the businesses involved.

So those 10,000 points you’ve accumulated over the last three months will net you…roughly 100 Robux. These con artists coined the phrase “time is money.”

Downloaded Programs

Some scams necessitate the installation of software on your computer or mobile device. The software can pretty much do whatever it wants once it’s installed.

If you’re already logged into Roblox, the program will open a new browser that you won’t be able to see, and it will simply take all of your Robux and account items. Downloading programs from unknown sources is not a good idea.

JavaScript Attacks

Some videos and websites try to persuade you to open your browser’s “console,” paste in a script, and get free Robux. This code is JavaScript, a scripting language that can do almost anything a user can do on the client side of a browser.

The browser steals items and Robux by pasting this code into the console. It won’t be able to change your password, fortunately, because your current password is required to change your account.

That does not, however, imply that you are secure. The script may display a bogus log-in page or prompt you to enter your password (your username is already on the screen).

Cookie Scraping

Cookie scraping is the most advanced method of stealing someone’s account. This scam entails clicking a link that quickly redirects you to a site that scrapes your browser cookies and redirects you to another site. The majority of people would never know or notice anything had happened.

Cookie scraping is dangerous because the attacker does not need to know your username or password. Have you ever noticed that you don’t have to log in to Roblox every time you want to play?

This is because your browser saves the authentication information in a cookie. All the attacker has to do is take the stolen cookie, paste it into their browser, and hit the refresh button.

You’d never know someone has hacked into your account and is ready to rob you blind (or getting ready to phish for more accounts).

Avoiding the Scams

The simplest way to avoid scams is to remember that free Robux does not exist. Period. Robux giveaways are common on YouTubers’ channels, so here’s what to look for in a reliable source:

  • A streamer is giving away Robux Cards
  • A stream that’s less than 2 hours long
  • A streamer that isn’t using Group Funds

You should be wary of streamers who promise to pay viewers with Group Funds (Robux earned or purchased for a Roblox Group), for two reasons. For starters, it violates the terms of service. Second, it’s most likely a forgery.

However, if a streamer is giving away Robux Cards, it’s most likely a reliable source. YouTubers are allowed to participate in Robux giveaways under one condition: the Robux must be purchased as gift cards. Have fun and be safe out there.

We hope our guide to robux scam helps you to keep yourselves safe from the online phishing attacks. There are other ways to get items, in Robox, such as entering Redeem Codes.

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