Why Chatot Is Banned In Competitive Pokémon

Some Pokémons are just too powerful to control. Latias escaping from your Poke Ball or a shiny Abra escaping to safety before you have a chance to fight it are two of the most common occurrences in RPGs. However, this is manifested in bans in the competitive scene. In this guide, we will discuss why Chatot is banned in Competitive Pokémon.

Various reasons have led to Pokémon being banned from competitive view. Mega Rayquaza is simply unbeatable at this point. Due to the fact that both Smeargle and Darkrai’s signature move, “Dark Void,” are unusable at the competitive level, battles between the two are rendered both pointless and boring. It should go without saying that Darkrai is off limits as well. One time Caterpie was barred from the game for its knowledge of the game-freezing move String Shot. The only problem is that Chatot isn’t particularly strong, and it can’t learn a game-changing move. There’s still hope, though.

Why Chatot Is Banned In Competitive Pokemon

Why Chatot Is Banned In Competitive Pokémon?

All of Diamond & Pearl’s games have banned Chatot, including Diamond & Pearl. In order to show off the Nintendo DS’s capabilities, it included its own mechanic. The microphone on the DS can be used to record your own audio, which will be played back in battle when Chatot uses the move Chatter. If you screamed loudly enough, you increased your chances of confusing your opponent with Chatter. That one was sure to please the parents.

There were obvious drawbacks to this. If someone had recorded inappropriate language in Chatter’s distorted noise, Chatot had to be banned from online play because there was no way to review the audio. After being outlawed for two generations due to its signature ability, the Pokémon could once again be used on the internet thanks to the removal of the ability. Chatter has the added benefit of confusing your opponent, making it a frustrating move to face.

The Chatter, Thunder Wave, Iron Head set might be the most obnoxious in the game now that Smeargle is also unbanned (after losing access to Dark Void). Fissure or Sheer Cold can be placed in the final slot to win the frustrating jackpot.

The prison of Chatot has been opened, but at what cost? We’re left with a sad little parrot with no voice after all the fun of Chatter was taken away. There’s no good reason to favor Chatot over other Flying types, regardless of how muddled its move may be right now. Using Tornadus and Hurricanes has the same effect. Why don’t you hit your Hurricanes? It’s not possible that it’s me.

Because of this, the online mode would be littered with foul language, but where’s the fun in that? The Pokémon Company should rescind the ban on Chatot and grant it access to its Chatter once more. It doesn’t matter if I’m limited to single-player shouting, I want to yell at my OLED at the top of my voice (via a plug-in microphone or using the Nintendo Switch Online companion app). What I’d really like to see is more gimmicky moves for underutilized Pokémon added to Scarlet and Violet. Boost Lechonk’s speed by making me oink. Pointing my Switch at a specific color changes Arceus’ type, and my Fire-type Pokémon are more damaging during a heatwave. My gimmick-making skills are clearly lacking by this point, but hopefully you get the point. Pokémon should be fun again, and adding a silly gimmick to an otherwise dull game is one way to achieve that goal.

The fun of Pokémon has been lost as the games have evolved, which is a pity because it was what brought the game to life. So long as Scarlet and Violet return Chatot’s stupid gimmick, Pokémon will be successful in my eyes, even if they don’t know if they want to make games for kids or adults anymore.

Well, that’s all we have here about why Chatot is banned in competitive Pokémon. We hope this guide helped you. If you liked this, make sure to check out what is a Pokémon Go Evolution Calculator.

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