Where to Farm Aquilok’s Skin in Lost Ark

There are dozens of systems and mechanics in the MMO Lost Ark that culminate in a rather dense title. It’s possible to spend dozens of hours in Lost Ark and still not interact with every mechanic, which is part of what makes the free-to-play game so engaging. Here’s a guide to help you farm Aquilok’s Skin in Lost Ark. Let’s get started.

Where to farm Aquilok's Skin in Lost Ark

What is Aquilok’s Skin?

Adventurers must acquire the Aquilok’s Skin in order to complete the Adventurer Tome challenges and gain access to a variety of fantastic rewards. The Rethramis Collection’s most coveted item, the resource is in high demand among players.

The Aquilok’s Skin, on the other hand, has one of the lowest drop rates of any resource in the MMO, making it extremely difficult to locate. As a bonus, it isn’t tied to any particular mob or monster boss as a drop, allowing its acquisition to be decided by RNG (random number generation).

How to Farm Skins in Lost Ark?

Various collectibles can be found throughout the Lost Ark journeys, some more difficult than others. There are fewer of them. In order to unlock Aquilok’s Skin, players will need to familiarize themselves with the Adventurer’s Tome.

All of Lost Ark’s regions are covered in the Adventurer’s Tome. This challenge can be completed by acquiring certain items from all over the world. Of course, it’s not all a waste of time, as players can unlock a variety of rewards for their hard work.

The Adventurer’s Tome’s Rethramis collection requires an Aquilok’s Skin, which may be harder to come by than anticipated. If you want Aquliok’s skin, you’ll have to keep killing monsters.

Aquilok’s Skin has a low drop rate, but you should be able to find it in a random drop at some point. Aquilok’s Skin can only be obtained through grinding, as there isn’t a specific enemy you can farm for it.

As an added bonus, Aquilok’s Skin can be found in dungeons. If you’ve been farming for hours and still haven’t found the item, don’t forget to take a break.

Where to Farm Aquilok’s Skin in Lost Ark

The Adventurer’s Tome is a mechanic that players should become familiar with; the tome contains a chapter for each region within Lost Ark, where certain items must be found in order to 100% the collect-a-thon in exchange for fantastic prizes.

Aquilok’s Skin, a rare drop from the Rethramis collection, can be difficult to come by. The best bet for adventurers looking for the Aquilok’s Skin is to scour the region while murdering everything in sight.

The skin is not directly linked to a single enemy, but rather has a very low drop rate across the entire continent.

The regions of Prideholme, Loghill, Rethramis Border, and Ankumo Mountain make up the Rethramis continent; players looking for skin should visit the latter three.

Where to farm Aquilok's Skin in Lost Ark

Even completing the dungeon Aquilok’s Head in Ankumo Mountain, regardless of difficulty, does not guarantee the drop.

Aquilok’s Skin can be found in any Lost Ark Secret Dungeon in the region, as well as standard dungeons across the continent and even by killing mobs.

For players attempting to clear their Adventurer’s Tomes, the best strategy is to keep working through the region, eliminate foes whenever possible, and seek out optional dungeons.

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Lost Ark is available for free on Microsoft Windows. You can download and play it here.

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