Best Wartales Classes

You’ll have to make a lot of tough decisions in Wartales to survive the harsh lands, and a lot of them start with classes. Wartales is an open-world RPG where you lead a group of mercenaries into turn-based battles for riches and fame. However, if you wish to succeed, you will need to explore, recruit allies, hunt bounties, and shape your party’s story. For this, the best Wartales classes are necessary. Choosing the best Wartales class for your characters is important to build a strong and capable team for winning fights. Focus on the best Wartales classes with valuable skills and traits to increase your chances of victory in battles.

While certain classes have their uses, we wouldn’t want to be in a group with Rangers or Brutes. Your class composition must be balanced, and we’ll go over how to do that in this guide so you can get a head start in Wartales’ early game, which can be quite difficult.

Best Wartales Classes

How Many Classes Are There In Wartales

As of now, Wartales has 7 classes, and they are Tactician, Archer, Brute, Warrior, Spearman, Swordsman, and Ranger. Tactician is a newly introduced class that was not present at the time of the game launch. Interestingly, right now, it is also the best class to play with.

Wartales Basic Classes Guide: Creating the Best Warband Composition

The base character classes in Wartales are Archer, Brute, Ranger, Spearman, Swordsman, and Warrior. We will discuss them in detail below.

1. Tactician

Best Wartales Classes

Tacticians take their inspiration from the rogue archetype by favoring short-range weapons like daggers and other close-combat weapons that can inflict poison or other status effects. Interestingly, they can inflict widespread damage on the enemy quickly using this strategy.

Tacticians work well with skills like Forced Disengagement and Lawful Fervour to attack more often and cause things like confusion. Remember to use them behind enemies for surprise attacks, as they are not very tough and cannot take hits well without sneaking up on their enemies.

2. Archer

Best Wartales Classes

Archers are your ranged units, and they’re great at inflicting damage from afar, weakening enemies in the early stages of combat before your more frontline troops close the gap.

In that sense, archer classes are more like support characters than brutes or swordsmen, and they’re great for setting up the battlefield or channeling enemies along specific paths in combat.

It’s important to remember that firing into the fray with a party member in the line of fire can result in friendly fire, so position your archer and front-line troops accordingly.

3. Brute

Best Wartales Classes

The brute is a fighter who resembles a bruiser. This class thrives in the heat of battle, typically wielding two-handed weapons and employing sweeping area attacks.

Brutes are better suited to heavy armor and fighting right in the middle of the action, where their crushing Warhammer or battleaxe blows can make the most of their abilities.

Because of their arcing attack range, brute classes should be carefully placed in combat to avoid striking your other troops who are grouped too close to enemy combatants.

4. Ranger

Best Wartales Classes

Rangers are a fast-hitting, versatile class with high damage output. They’re best used for hit-and-run tactics, such as attacking enemies who are already engaged in combat from behind.

In our experience, they work best as an assassin wielding a dagger and throwing knives, and would fit into a support role similar to the archer.

With ranger classes, we like to emphasize critical hit change, along with a dagger for poison damage on enemies once their armor has been broken by another party member.

5. Spearman

Best Wartales Classes

Every party should, without a doubt, include a spearman. This class doesn’t have the best armor, making them a little squishy, but they make up for it with high damage and useful abilities, such as the ability to strike enemies while your other forces are engaged.

This can be used tactically to distract enemies from your troops so they can heal themselves or heal others without triggering an opportunity attack.

This class also works well with your archers, and their wide striking range can be used to create movement choke points.

6. Swordsman

Best Wartales Classes

Swordsmen are versatile fighters with a variety of skills. They can equip themselves with heavy armor to absorb a lot of damage while also dealing it out with a sword and shield or two-handed swords.

These classes also benefit from the first aid ability, allowing them to help their comrades and clear debuffs from battle due to their large movement range, which is only matched by Rangers.

7. Warrior

Best Wartales Classes

Warriors are a cross between the brute and swordsman classes. They have a high damage output and are best suited to an offensive role on the battlefield, though they can also serve as a “tank” if necessary.

Warriors are one-handed or two-handed axe wielders who specialize in area-of-effect damage like in Vampire Survivor Builds or more “dualist” combat.

Now that you’ve learned about the Wartales base classes, you can mix and match until you find the perfect party composition for your play style.

The Bottom Line

Well, that’s all we have here about the different classes in Wartales. We hope after reading this guide, you will be able to create the best Warband composition.

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