How to Unlock Exdash Exiviiq in Vampire Survivors

There are more than 20 playable characters in Vampire Survivors, but a few characters have a mechanic that’s nearly impossible to identify without some insider knowledge. Exdash Exiviiq is a secret character that can only be unlocked by following this guide. If you are new to playing Vampire Survivors, make sure to check out how you can unlock Moonglow stage.

How to Unlock Exdash Exiviiq in Vampire Survivors

How to Unlock Exdash Exiviiq in Vampire Survivors?

In Vampire Survivors, players must open the main menu and type in the string “x-x1viiq” to gain access to Exdash. Exdash will not be unlocked unless players type quickly and keep their other keys untouched.

Fans of Vampire Survivors will be able to tell if they’ve gotten the secret character by an in-game chime. Finally, in order to verify that you have unlocked Exdash Exiviiq, open up the character selection scree just as shown below.

How to Unlock Exdash Exiviiq in Vampire Survivors

While other characters in Vampire Survivors have higher base stats, Exdash’s +100% Luck gives the blue ghost an advantage in finding better chests and gathering loot. Unfavorable events are less likely to occur when you’re lucky. Dead Cell-like tense and engaging adventure require players to ensure they have the best chance of survival. Negative occurrences, such as hordes of bats or other dangerous foes, can occur at any time.

If you know what you are doing and unlocking the secret character Exdash is your ultimate goal, follow these simple steps:

  1. In the game screen’s main menu, type: x-x1viiq.
  2. You will hear a sound effect that confirms you have unlocked Exdash.
  3. If you didn’t hear any sound, type the code again until you hear the sound.
  4. If you don’t hear the sound anyway, restart your game and try again.

Exdash Exiviiq Stats

When using weapons that can be evolved in Vampire Survivors, Exdash has a better chance of executing critical hits because of his high Luck. When Exdash levels up, there is an additional upgrade option.

Below we have listed the stats of Exdash Exiviiq, but his main ability is high luck:

  • Starting Weapon: Ebony Wings
  • Max Health: 77 (-23 reduction)
  • Speed: -50%
  • Duration: -10%
  • Move Speed: -10%
  • Might: -10%
  • Area: -10%
  • Cooldown: +10%
  • Luck: +100%

You should focus on improving your movement speed and other low-base stats while playing Exdash in Vampire Survivors. Exdash’s defenses can be quickly overwhelmed by the enemies as the game progresses, resulting in a game over.

Well, that’s all we have here about how you can unlock Exdash Exiviiq in Vampire Survivors. We hope this guide helped you. If you liked this, make sure to check out The Best Build For The Dairy Plant Stage.

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