Best Characters in Vampire Survivors Ranked By Difficulty

Players can select from a total of 16 playable characters in Vampire Survivors, which will be released on PC on December 17, 2021. Suor Clerici and Dommario, two of these characters, were only introduced on January 30th, 2022. In this game, each of the characters has a unique bonus (or ability). Vampire Survivors’ gameplay makes some characters better than others at using these abilities. But a lot of players are interested to know about the best characters in Vampire Survivors and rank them.

Weapons are also not created equal for the characters in Vampire Survivors. While they have access to all of the weapons, each character starts out with a specific one. As the name implies, this list is ordered from the easiest character to play to the most difficult character to play. Let’s start our best character ranking in this Vampire Survivors guide.

Best Characters in Vampire Survivors Ranked By Difficulty

Best Characters in Vampire Survivors Ranked By Difficulty

Vampire Survivors has added a number of new characters. In general, most of these new characters are better than the originals. In fact, the starting weapons of some of these characters are far superior to the originals. The character Pugnala Provola is currently being tested in the game’s beta phase as we write this. Pugnala, based on the videos of her that have appeared on YouTube, is definitely one of the top five easiest characters to use; however, she has not yet been officially released, so she will not be included in this list.

1. Mask Of The Red Death

Best Characters in Vampire Survivors Ranked By Difficulty

After killing Death at the 30-minute mark, you’ll be able to unlock Red Death. It’s doable. Although it isn’t a cakewalk, it can be done The Death Spiral is Red Death’s starting weapon, and its bonus is a significant increase in movement speed. That’s correct, this character has a weapon that’s been upgraded. Therefore, this makes the Red Mask of Death the best character in Vampire Survivors.

Players can run circles around Red Death because of the enemy’s incredibly fast movement. In addition to helping the player avoid dangerous situations, the increased speed also enables them to quickly access the stages’ bonus items. First-time users of Red Death should avoid picking the Axe. The Axe cannot be evolved because this character begins with the Death Spiral.

2. Krochi Freetto

Best Characters in Vampire Survivors Ranked By Difficulty

Starting with the cross, Krochi looks like a demonic-looking character. The Cross is a powerful but often overlooked weapon that can pierce an infinite number of opponents. However, in its current iteration, the Cross is little more than a sideways step. This makes Krochi one of the best characters in Vampire Survivors.

A single revive is available at level one, and an additional revive is available at level 33. It’s possible to get the Tiragisu accessory and the Revive power-up, which allows Krochi to be revived five times despite the game’s notorious one-life policy. Krochi’s movement speed is increased by 30% as well.

3. Poppea Pecorina

Best Characters in Vampire Survivors Ranked By Difficulty

Poppea has no drawbacks whatsoever. As her primary benefit, she gains a +1% increase in weapon duration. Poppea’s weapon duration is increased by 125% when he reaches the 125th level, and this bonus has no upper limit. As a result, her movement speed is boosted by 20%.

Poppea’s starting weapon was the Song of Mana, a new weapon introduced in the game. To the top and bottom of the screen, this weapon forms a vertical column. While fully leveled, Poppea can be used as a lawnmower. With Poppea, even Green Acres in Hyper mode (the game’s most difficult setting) is manageable. In Vampire Survivors, she’s one of the best characters.

4. Yatta Cavallo

Best Characters in Vampire Survivors Ranked By Difficulty

Mortaccio’s bonus of one extra projectile every 20 levels applies to Yatta Cavallo as well. The Cherry Bomb is Cavallo’s first weapon, and it works similarly to Mortaccio’s Bone weapon in that it bounces off enemies and surfaces. These bombs, in contrast to the Bone, go off when they come to a halt.

This explosion inflicts a significant amount of destruction and covers a significant area. Because it can bounce off enemies, the Cherry Bomb in Vampire Survivors is one of the best weapons to have when you’re completely enclosed. This makes Yatta one of the best characters in Vampire Survivors.

Using the Cherry Bomb is a highly effective method of combat. It is possible, but extremely unlikely, that other characters will gain access to the Cherry Bomb as they progress through the game. A lot of players will never be able to use a Cherry Bomb with any other characters in the game.

5. Mortaccio

Best Characters in Vampire Survivors Ranked By Difficulty

However, Mortaccio’s abilities are superior to Gennaro’s. Mortaccio grants one extra projectile every 20 levels (up to a maximum of +3) instead of the one extra projectile. At the end of a stage, with all of a player’s weapons leveled to maximum, this ability becomes absurdly overpowered.

The Bone is one of the worst weapons in the game, if not the worst. Runetracer-like but bounces off of enemies rather than going through them. Being able to watch as bones slowly fly across the battlefield without striking many enemies can be discouraging.

6. Imelda Belpaese

Best Characters in Vampire Survivors Ranked By Difficulty

Because she only costs ten gold and has no other requirements, Imelda is the first character that the majority of players will be able to access. She has the ability to gain 10 percent more XP per level every five levels (up to a maximum of 30 percent) without being noticed. This makes Imelda one of the best characters in Vampire Survivors.

In order to stay alive in Vampire Survivors, you must level up more quickly than your opponents do. She gains strength more quickly than the other characters in the story.

With the Magic Wand, she has a great starting weapon. Also, players can use any weapon they want because of this character’s ability to make no distinction between different kinds of weapons.

7. Christine Davain

Best Characters in Vampire Survivors Ranked By Difficulty

Christine is the show’s newest character (officially). Starting with the Pentagram weapon that Christine introduced, she moves on to the Gorgeous Moon, a more evolved version of it.

Every minute or so, the Pentagram, a powerful weapon, wipes out all of the enemies on the screen. Additionally, the evolved version acts as a vacuum pick-up item, bringing all of the experience gems in its vicinity to the user.

With her starting stats, Christine has a 20% increase in movement speed and a 25% reduction in weapon cooldown times. When it comes to Might (weapon strength), she is down by 35% and has the lowest health of any character.

When starting with the Pentagram, Christine is given a free level, which gives her the opportunity to acquire an item that fires more frequently than once a minute.

8. Gennaro Belpaese

Best Characters in Vampire Survivors Ranked By Difficulty

For some reason, Gennaro is a favorite because he can give all of his weapons an additional projectile. In spite of the fact that it doesn’t sound like much, it’s a huge advantage that makes using him much more convenient than most of the characters. Some weapons, such as the Axe, Santa Water, King Bible, and Cross, benefit greatly from this ability, while others, such as the sword, do not.

When used with Gennaro, the Duplicator accessory provides even more ammunition, giving the term “bullet hell shooter” a whole new meaning. When he begins, he uses the knife, which is an adequate weapon.

9. Antonio Belpaese

Best Characters in Vampire Survivors Ranked By Difficulty

After unlocking the other characters, it’s easy to overlook Antonio as the only character available to newcomers. One of the best abilities of Antonio’s is the ability to increase his weapon’s damage by 10% every ten levels (up to +50%). This makes Antonio one of the best characters in Vampire Survivors.

Antonio’s Spinach accessory, which also increases Antonio’s damage, allows him to wipe out even the most powerful enemies in a matter of seconds.

Another underappreciated weapon is the whip. When it evolves into the Bloody Tear, the user is healed by a portion of the damage it inflicts.

10. Dommario

Best Characters in Vampire Survivors Ranked By Difficulty

One of the new characters released on Jan. 30, 2022, is expected to be a popular choice for players. Dommario. Dommario’s starting weapon, the King Bible, is the reason for this. This weapon, which is regarded as the best in the game, is now available to all players at the start of each stage.

Having Dommario’s ability gives him a 40% boost to his weapon’s projectile speed and duration, His movement speed is reduced by 40% as a result of receiving these generous bonuses. With the Wings accessory and the MoveSpeed global power-up, this penalty can be alleviated. Dommario is an excellent choice for the “no movement” challenge.

11. Arca Ladonna

Best Characters in Vampire Survivors Ranked By Difficulty

Arca can be a bit of a challenge to get started with. While the Fire Wand can do a lot of damage, its projectile speed and cooldown time are extremely slow. This makes Arca rank lower on our list of the best characters in Vampire Survivors.

Vampire Survivors’ Hellfire Wand, which is an improved version of the Fire Wand, is one of the best weapons in the game.

Every ten levels, Arca’s weapons’ cooldowns are reduced by 5%, up to a maximum of 15%. As a result, Arca should consider using the Laurel and Pentagram weapons.

12. Porta Ladonna

Best Characters in Vampire Survivors Ranked By Difficulty

Porta has a good start, but if the player doesn’t pick the right weapons, she can be easily overpowered around minute 15. Slow but powerful is the Lightning Ring Porta’s initial state. The Lightning Ring complements her ability to increase the area of effect of a weapon by 30%, but she can use it with nearly any weapon.

This new accessory gives Porta’s weapons an enormous range of impact with the help of the Candelabrador. After level two, Porta’s weapons have a cooldown time of -90 percent. Use this to your advantage by scattering experience crystals around the map until you have enough to level up. Suor Clerici can also be used with this exploit.

13. Pasqualina Belpaese

Best Characters in Vampire Survivors Ranked By Difficulty

This character’s starting weapon, the Runetracer, allows her to increase the speed of her projectiles by 10% every five levels (up to 30%). In contrast, the Runetracer is polarizing in the same way as the Garlic.

When it hits the edge of the screen or a solid surface, this weapon changes course and heads in a new direction. This makes Pasqualina rank lower on our list of the best characters in Vampire Survivors

With Pasqualina’s abilities, most weapons work well with her. The King Bible and La Borra are now even more lethal, and they were already formidable weapons to begin with.

14. Lama Ladonna

Best Characters in Vampire Survivors Ranked By Difficulty

Lama is a fascinating character to learn more about. To begin, she receives 10% extra Might and Movement Speed, which increases by 5% every ten levels until reaching 30%. In addition, she begins with a 10% Curse, which increases at the same rate as her other abilities.

Curse is a gameplay mechanic in Vampire Survivors that boosts an enemy’s health, stamina, and speed. Despite the fact that Lama’s bonuses are effectively nullified, this makes her the go-to character for players looking to better their previous kill total.

Lama’s first weapon is the Axe, and it’s not very good. In addition to having a rather long cooldown, it has a rather limited range. Surviving the first five minutes will be a little more difficult because of this. Lama is a formidable character once the player acquires a few additional weapons.

15. Exdash Exiviiq

Best Characters in Vampire Survivors Ranked By Difficulty

The secret character in Vampire Survivors is Exdash, which can be accessed without altering the game’s source code. -50 percent projectile speed reduction, -23 maximum health reduction, 10% movement speed reduction, 10% damage reduction, 10% weapon duration reduction, and an additional 10% cooldown time increase all apply to this phantom character. To make up for all of these flaws, Exdash gets a +100% Luck bonus.

Many aspects of this game are influenced by luck. In the form of bonus levels, Exdash will receive better treasure chests than the other characters. When fully leveled, Ebony Wings is an excellent weapon, but it’s lacking when you first start the game. Cross (Heaven Sword) and Whip (Bloody Tear) weapons should be chosen for the critical hit ability, which is affected by luck.

16. Poe Ratcho

Best Characters in Vampire Survivors Ranked By Difficulty

In part, Poe’s low ranking can be attributed to his starting weapon and insignificant bonuses. Vampire Survivors players have a love/hate relationship with the Garlic weapon that this character starts with. The way Garlic creates an area around the player that damages enemies is a favorite of some players. They believe that the weapon is too weak in the final stages, and it is.

Poe has the ability to pick up items within a +25 radius. Attractorb accessory and/or global Magnet power-up increase this radius by more than enough, so Poe’s ability is not really needed for this purpose. Poe’s maximum health is also reduced by 30 points. When it comes to “no-move” challenges, Poe is one of the best characters in the entire series.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding the Best Characters

Here are some of the most common questions players of Vampire Survivors ask, if you also have the same question on your mind, please read and steer yourself clear of doubts:

How Many Characters Are There in Vampire Survivors?

At this time of writing, there are 22 official playable characters in Vampire Survivors, four of which are secret characters, and one unofficial character. All non-secret characters, except Antonio, must be purchased with gold. To be able to buy these characters, you’ll need to earn a certain number of achievements.

Who is the Best Character in Vampire Survivors?

Mask of the Red Death is the most powerful and best character in Vampire Survivors. the Red Death boss will be yours once you’ve defeated Death after 30 minutes of playtime. It’s possible. The task isn’t easy, but it can be accomplished. With the Death Spiral as a starting weapon, Red Death gains an enormous boost to his speed.

A weapon that has been upgraded is indeed the case with this character. The Red Mask of Death is the best character in Vampire Survivors because of this.

Well, these are the best characters in Vampire Survivors ranked by difficulty. We hope this guide helped you. If you liked this, make sure to check out the best build for Dairy Plant stage and the best builds in Vampire Survivors.

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