Vampire Survivors: The Best Build For The Dairy Plant Stage

In Vampire Survivors, the Dairy Plant stage is a bit different from other stages. Since this presents a different set of challenges, it requires a different type of construction. You can go wherever you want, like in Green Acres and Mad Forest. In contrast to the Mad Forest and Green Acres, the stage has numerous obstacles.

Vampire Survivors: The Best Build For The Dairy Plant Stage

Vampire Survivors: The Best Build For The Dairy Plant Stage

Due to the enemies, this stage is even more difficult than the previous one. Because the creatures in the Dairy Plant appear to be more powerful than those in Green Acres, it’s safe to say that stage is intentionally challenging. With their strength, enemies can crowd the player and possibly trap them against one of many obstacles strewn across the map. they can. Crowd control and additional safety are essential for this performance.


Vampire Survivors: The Best Build For The Dairy Plant Stage

To maximize the effectiveness of the weapons, this build takes a single stat to the limit. Two stats are the easiest to achieve insane levels of: weapon duration and area. This puts Poppea, Dommario, and Porta at the top of the list.

It’s Poppea that comes out on top. As a starter character, she comes equipped with the Song of Mana and moves faster than the majority of her peers. Second place goes to Porta, whose start is the simplest of the three. The Wings accessory can be found in the Dairy Plant by Dommario, who is third.

Primary Weapon 1 – Santa Water

Vampire Survivors: The Best Build For The Dairy Plant Stage

Santa Water was an expert at keeping the masses in check. Its evolved form, the La Borra, improved its crowd control abilities even further, and it now protects the main character. At the beginning of the stage, the Santa Water’s damaging zones are too small and dispersed to be of any use.

The La Borra has more time to create an overlapping zone around the character. At the 18-minute mark, the werewolves and axe knights will appear, and the player will need this to survive.

Primary Weapon 2 – Song Of Mana

Vampire Survivors: The Best Build For The Dairy Plant Stage

Vertically piercing attacks are made by the Song of Mana. The Dairy Plant’s obstacles force players to navigate through tight spaces. This weapon’s vertical attack will make negotiating these tight spaces much less terrifying. However, the Curse status provided by the Skull O’Maniac accessory shouldn’t be an issue with the current build.

There is a greater chance of slowing down enemies that are damaged by the evolved Song of Mana, the Mannajja. Being able to slow down the Dairy Plant’s enemies is a huge benefit.

Primary Weapon 3 – King Bible

Vampire Survivors: The Best Build For The Dairy Plant Stage

Vampire Survivors doesn’t have a lot of weapons that can adapt to changes in duration. It is only the Santa Water and the Mannajja that can benefit from a longer duration of use. The Unholy Vespers, an evolved form of the King Bible, is always active, so duration is irrelevant in the Unholy Vespers.

One of the best weapons in the game is the King Bible. Using it can cause a lot of harm. Most importantly, it offers additional security at a time when it is most needed. For this build, the Spellbinder accessory is the most important piece of equipment.

Primary Weapon 4 – Laurel

Vampire Survivors: The Best Build For The Dairy Plant Stage

Many items should be used to protect the Dairy Plant, which may not have been mentioned yet. The Laurel is Vampire Survivors’ best defensive weapon. It creates a temporary force field around the user, making them impervious to harm.

In the first 15 minutes, the player will have to dodge swarms of enemies and other obstacles numerous times. Damage from enemies closing in from all sides will be prevented by the Laurel’s protection. Aim for level four as soon as possible with this weapon; then focus on improving the Bible or Santa Water.

Primary Accessory 1 – Spellbinder

Vampire Survivors: The Best Build For The Dairy Plant Stage

The Spellbinder accessory increases the duration of spells by 10% per level, up to a maximum of 50%. Each level up, Poppea’s bonus increases duration by 1%, with no maximum.

In exchange for Dommario’s assistance, the weapon’s duration is increased by 40%. The Spellbinder accessory can be used by either of these two characters to increase the weapon’s cooldown time to the point where it can outlast it.

As long as the Santa Water or King Bible are nearing level eight, it isn’t absolutely essential that you focus on getting this accessory to level five.

Primary Accessory 2 – Spinach

Vampire Survivors: The Best Build For The Dairy Plant Stage

We’ve already mentioned that there are some tougher enemies in the Dairy Plant compared to other stages. With the Spinach accessory, players can keep up with the enemy swarms that get stronger every minute or two by increasing the damage of their weapons. Vampire Survivors’ Spinach accessory is one of the best all-purpose items.

This build’s inclusion of Spinach makes the Fire Wand a viable secondary weapon option. It has a longer range than the primary weapons, and it is one of the most powerful weapons in the game in terms of damage dealt. The duration of the Fire Wand does not affect its scaling.

Secondary Weapons

Vampire Survivors: The Best Build For The Dairy Plant Stage

Damage is dealt to a large area by the primary weapons in this build. Point defense style weapons are needed for this build – rapid fire weapons that are designed to focus their projectiles on a single target.

The Magic Wand and the Cross are the two most effective items in this category. As it flies across the screen, the Cross deals more damage and pierces enemies. As a result of its increased damage, the Cross is an excellent choice for this particular build.

Second only to the Cross is the Magic Wand. With the goal of keeping the primary weapons active for the longest possible amount of time, this build was created. Increasing the rate at which weapons can fire by reducing cooldown times helps to achieve this goal.

In addition to transforming the Magic Wand into the Holy Wand, the Empty Tome also reduces the cooldown times of all weapons. The Cross and the Magic Wand can both be selected as secondary weapons in this build. In the Dairy Plant’s tighter quarters, the Runetracer and Bone excel.

Secondary Accessories

Vampire Survivors: The Best Build For The Dairy Plant Stage

Increasing the weapons’ effective range is another option the player has with this set-up. It’s for this reason that Porta was suggested as a character; she increases the area of all weapons by 30%. By the time you reach level five of the Candelabrador accessory, this bonus is worth an additional 80%.

Due to the Candelabrador’s inclusion as a freebie in the Dairy Plant, obtaining this set is a breeze. With an area increase of 80%, the La Borra is capable of protecting the character in the final moments of combat.

The Spellbinder and Empty Tome work well together to boost the weapons’ rate of fire. If Poppea is the chosen character, the player should purchase the Crown accessory in order to progress through the game more quickly. Her bonus to duration has no upper limit; it can go as high as she wants it to. Poppea’s weapon’s duration will be increased by 150 percent when she reaches level 150.

The Bottomline

For the first few minutes, don’t move if you’re using Porta. For the first level, her cooldown is significantly reduced. Gather experience crystals on the ground, then place the green gem just to the right of where you started.

Once you’ve obtained the green gem, use the Vacuum pick-up item to collect all of the gems that have been strewn throughout the area. Porta should be able to reach a level of seven or eight with this.

Immediately after starting out the level, make your way to and remain in the vicinity of the Attractorb bonus accessory’s immediate vicinity. Keep moving if you don’t want to be stalked by a Green Death for a long time.

Obtain the Attractorb once all of the accessory slots have been filled, then head south to obtain the Wings, and finally east to obtain the complimentary Candelabrador. Finally, before attempting this build, be sure to fully upgrade your Duration Power-up.

Well, that’s all we have here about the best build for the Dairy Plant stage in Vampire Survivors. We hope this guide helped you. If you liked this, make sure to check out the best Vampire Survivor Builds. Also, here’s a guide to unlocking the secret character Exdash Exiviiq in Vampire Survivors.

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