How to Stop Castle From Decaying In V Rising?

It’s unclear how Castle Heart Decay works in V Rising. V Rising players are likely to have encountered the mysterious Castle Heart in the Farbane Woods, even if they have no prior knowledge of its purpose or mechanics. You know it’s important because of the way you feel about it.

You also need to keep your Castle Heart nourished, or it will begin to decompose over time. A Castle Heart in decline leaves the entire castle vulnerable to attack or even takeover by other players. Here’s our guide to help you stop the Castle heart from decaying.

What is Castle Heart Decay in V Rising?

How to Stop Castle From Decaying In V Rising?

Castle Heart is the most important part of your home in V Rising. Castles can be built outward from this starting point by building foundations and walls as well as resources gathering structures and even roofs. Your Castle Heart, like you, requires blood to stay alive.

A Castle Heart’s health will deteriorate if it isn’t fed enough Blood Essence. You can add Blood Essence to your Castle Power by interacting with your Castle Heart. With this, your base is protected from enemy attacks by providing power to surrounding buildings.

Because the Blood Essence you give a Castle Heart will slowly deplete, you’ll need to replenish your Castle Heart on a regular basis. The timer below the grid will increase as you add Blood Essence to the Castle Heart. The Castle Heart slowly consumes the Blood Essence over time, as indicated by this timer. Upgrading the Castle Heart allows you to put more Blood Essence into the grid at once, allowing you to go longer between refills.

How to Stop Castle Decay

How to Stop Castle From Decaying In V Rising?

Your Castle Heart needs to be fed Blood Essence to keep it from decaying. Simply walk up to it and interact with it if you have any in your possession. It is expected that two slots will be available to those who begin the game. The message “Insert Blood Essence” looks like a button, which causes some confusion. Drag and drop it from your character’s inventory onto one of the Castle Heart slots is all you really need to do.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money. Almost 2.5 real-time hours of power and defense are provided by the 18 Blood Essence we put in. After a short detour into a nearby human settlement, we were able to extend our stay for nearly seven hours. Your base can be powered for more than five days at a time if you upgrade it.

All of the above messages and markings will be erased once a castle is powered up. That’s fantastic news. You shouldn’t have to constantly worry about how you’re going to keep your camp going. It’s not a problem unless you’re participating in a multiplayer online game.

Persistent servers allow you to play for a long period of time at the same time. If you allow your castle to fall into disrepair, others will be able to enter and take your belongings, effectively wiping out your entire base.

On a PVP server, they can even kill you while you’re still in your coffin, which is a terrifying thought. It’s also a good idea to make sure you have enough time to upgrade your Castle Heart before playing on a dedicated server, or else your progress will be lost the next day.

How to Repair Castle Durability

How to Stop Castle From Decaying In V Rising?

The deterioration of a castle takes time. When the Castle Durability meter at the bottom of the Castle Heart window is depleted, the Castle will begin to crumble. Your castle’s defenses are measured in terms of Castle Durability.

Powering your castle restores its lost durability. In-game time shouldn’t be more than a few hours for this process to complete.

Most castle walls are impenetrable unless an enemy has a well-directed and concentrated attack. In contrast, a decaying Castle Heart makes it much easier for an enemy to break in and take it over.

Because of this, the walls and other structures of a decaying castle will have a red blood effect running along them, making it clear to players that the Castle Heart is failing. When one of your Castle Hearts is decaying, you’ll receive a notification on your screen in the top-right corner of your screen, just below the minimap.

Thankfully. Castle Heart Status: In Decay” means that you should return home and give your hungry Heart some Blood Essence to restore it to full health as soon as you can.

Upgrading the Castle Heart

Upgrading your Castle Heart will simplify the entire process. Blood Essence slots are unlocked as you progress, allowing you to go longer and longer between “powering up” your base. It costs 12 Copper Ingots and 12 Leather to make the first upgrade.

Well, that’s all we have here about Castle Decay in V Rising. We hope this guide helped you. If you liked this, make sure to check out how long a day is in V Rising.

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