The Best Vampire Survivors Builds in 2024

Vampire Survivors is a timed survival game in which the player must survive for at least 30 minutes. However, getting there can be extremely difficult, particularly if you’re new to the game. The key to winning a run is to grab weapons that can evolve into much more powerful weapons, as well as any accessories that are required for the evolution or can increase your damage. With that being said, here’s every type of best vampire survivor builds you will ever need to win the game.

The Best Builds in Vampire Survivors

Best Vampire Survivor Builds

In Vampire Survivors, you have the freedom in sourcing the components for the best vampire survivors build. However, you can only pick one Arcana. As a result, we will tell you which one to pick before you begin your game. Moreover, it is important that your first guess be correct because the Arcana you don’t select will determine whether or not you get another chance to acquire them.

  • Soul Eater, Unholy Vespers, Phierragi build
  • Holy Wand, Hellfire, Thousand Edge, Death Spiral build
  • Vandalier, No Future, La Borra build

Now, let’s understand the reasons behind these vampire survivor builds.

1. Soul Eater, Unholy Vespers, Phierragi build

This Vampire Survivors build is based on dealing massive area-of-effect damage, making it extremely difficult for your enemies to get within killing distance. Get the two pistols first, because all weapons here will improve over time.

Once the pistols have evolved, you will get access to a devastating area-of-effect weapon whose damage increases in proportion to the number of revives you have left. You’ll need the IV – Awake Arcana because it grants you three extra lives when you are revived. By evolving the pistols, you gain an extra weapon slot and can take additional offensive options.

Vampire Survivor Build:

  • Characters: Poe, Pugnala, Dommaria, or Red Death
  • Basic weapons: Garlic, Eight the Sparrow, Axe, King Bible, Phiera Der Tuphello, Magic Wand, Lightning Ring
  • Items: Pummarola, Spellbinder, Candelabrador, Tiragisu, Empty Tome, Duplicator
  • Weapon evolutions: Soul Eater, Unholy Vespers, Death Spiral, Phieraggi, Holy Wand
  • Arcana: IV – Awake

2. Holy Wand, Hellfire, Thousand Edge, Death Spiral build

When you opt to go for this Vampire Survivor build, you should not evolve either of your pistols, which is quite opposite to how most players employ Vampire Survivors. Instead, you will ll want to use a character like Gennaro, who gains an extra shot with each weapon he carries. The rest of the strategy is obvious: equip yourself with weapons that can unleash a barrage of projectiles.

When it comes to making your second and third Arcana selections, the only real choice you have left is which to prioritize. Choose either “XIX – Heart of Fire” or “IV – Awake” from the list below, depending on which one you didn’t get at the beginning of your run. Explosions are caused by fire-based weapon projectiles, and additional lives are restored by the latter.

Vampire Survivor Build:

  • Characters Suggestion: Gennaro, Pugnala, Imelda, Arca, or Red Death
  • Basic weapons: Phiera Der Tuphello, Eight the Sparrow, Magic Wand, Fire Wand, Knife, Axe
  • Items: Empty Tome, Spinach, Bracer, Tirigisu, Candelabrador, Duplicator
  • Weapon evolutions: Holy Wand, Hellfire, Death Spiral, Thousand Edge
  • Arcana: VII – Iron Blue Will (prioritize Pugnala, Gennaro, Red Death,), or XI – Waltz of Pearls (prioritize Imelda and Arca)

3. Vandalier, No Future, La Borra build

Due to the lack of precision in both of your avian weapons, this Vampire Survivor build can be risky to use early in the game. You can make it to level eight for both birds with the help of other weapons, items, and weapon evolutions. The next step is to acquire a chest and evolve your creature into a Vandalier.

When you combine Peachone and Ebony Wings, the once sporadic spot-attacking birds transform into the relentlessly all-encompassing Vandalier. This new bird will quickly wipe out everything in the area if you have fully leveled up the Spellbinder, Candelabrador, Duplicator, and Empty Tome. Since no initial Arcana choice provides significant benefit to your weapons, we recommend going with IV – Awake to give yourself a better chance to succeed.

Vampire Survivor Build:

  • Characters Suggestion: Pasqualina, Clerici, or Imelda
  • Basic weapons: Ebony Wings, Peachone, Runetracer, Axe, King Bible, Santa Water, Magic Wand
  • Items: Attractorb, Armor, Spellbinder, Duplicator, Candleabrador, Empty Tome
  • Weapon evolutions: Vandalier, Unholy Vespers, No Future, La Borra, Holy Wand
  • Arcana: IV – Awake

Best Weapon Builds

Axe/Death Spiral

The axe is thrown above the player before descending. Every new level unlocks a new axe, increases its base damage by 20, and allows it to pass through two additional enemies.

Because the axe is so large, the chances of it hitting a target while being thrown up or moving down the screen are extremely high.

It goes well with anything that boosts its AoE. The axe can evolve into the Death Spiral, a weapon that fires 12 scythes outwards from the player in a circle, hitting anything in their path.

King Bible/Unholy Vespers

This weapon circles you, inflicting damage on any enemies who come into contact with it. You only have one book at level one, which will go on cooldown and disappear for a short time before reappearing.

It will get faster as you level up, and more books will circle around you. Unholy Vespers, its evolved form, is incredibly fast and never cools down, making it a constant orbiting projectile.


The Laurel is a great item to have on any build, even though it isn’t an offensive weapon. The Laurel can protect the player from damage, and the higher the level, the more hits you can take before your HP is depleted.

Magic Wand/Holy Wand

A projectile is fired from the Magic Wand at the nearest enemy. If the player has the Empty Tome in their inventory, the Magic Wand can evolve into the Holy Wand.

Because the Holy Wand never stops firing projectiles, you now have yet another weapon in your arsenal that will continue to hit enemies. Increasing the damage of this weapon could make it a game-changer in the late game.


This powerful weapon shoots colorful diamonds across the screen, piercing through multiple enemies and hitting them. The Runetracer bounces as well, allowing it to hit anything it missed the first time around.

The Runetracer can cover a lot of ground in a short amount of time, which is beneficial at all stages of the game.

Whip/Bloody Tear

You’ll use the Whip for the first time in the game. As a result, some may believe it is a poor weapon. However, if you evolve the Whip, it can be extremely useful, especially if you can’t find any HP items from the light sources. The Whip evolves into the Bloody Tear, which deals critical damage and drains enemies’ health.

Best Accessories


To evolve the axe, you’ll need this accessory. The Candelabrador increases your AoE by ten percent. The Candelabrador helps large weapons like the axe and Death Spiral.


Despite the fact that the Duplicator does not evolve any weapons, it is an essential component of any build. You will receive an additional projectile from the Duplicator. It reaches its maximum at level two, giving you a total of two additional projectiles.

Empty Tome

The Empty Tome reduces the cooldown of your weapon by 8%. Early on in the game, you’ll need cooldown reduction because the difficulty will increase and your weapons may not be able to keep up with the onslaught of enemies.

Hollow Heart

The Hollow heart is required to evolve the Whip, but it isn’t particularly interesting on its own. It gives you a 10% boost in total HP. So, aside from increasing your maximum health, the only reason to pick it up is to obtain the Bloody Tear.


For King Bible to evolve into its much more powerful form, this item is required. Spellbinder increases the duration of weapon effects by 10% with each level, even if it isn’t required for Unholy Vespers.

This means that weapons like the Runetracer will bounce and stay on screen for longer before cooling down.


Your damage is increased by 10% with spinach. Damage is essential in the late game because you’ll be facing more powerful enemies who can take a lot of damage before dying. So giving your attack a boost is a good way to counteract that.

The Best Build For The Green Acres Stage

It is intended to test players who feel that Vampire Survivors has become too easy by putting them through the Green Acres stage. Vampire Survivors’ stages are made more difficult, but not unbeatable, by players with subpar builds. The Green Acres stage, on the other hand, is unwinnable due to a shoddy construction. Even on Hyper Mode, the Green Acres stage will be a breeze with this setup.


For this build to work, it is necessary to acquire the primary weapons, but it is also necessary to increase the weapon’s duration and speed. This build relies on both shorter cooldowns and faster movement. This means that the best characters to use in this build are Pugnala, Dommario, Christine, and Poppea, in that order.

Players should use the Crown instead of the Spellbinder if Christine is chosen because it is an improved version of the evolved Pentagram. It is important to remember that if Poppea is selected instead, players will not receive the Skull O’Maniac when leveling up.

Primary Weapon 1 – Santa Water

La Borra, the Santa Water’s evolved form, is the best weapon in the game if the character has a few key accessories in their inventory. The La Borra creates damage-dosing zones around the player’s feet to deal with any nearby enemies. These zones slowly approach the protagonist.

With the Bracer and Wings attachments, these zones are able to move faster. Fast enough for the zones to converge and overlap around the character with the help of these two accessories. As a result, a damaged area appears as a glowing ring. Even the most powerful bosses in the game succumb to the temptation of this circle.

Primary Weapon 2 – Phieraggi

Vampire Survivors’ two newest weapons, the Phieraggi, have evolved into the Phieraggi. Diagonal-firing firearms include the Phiera Der Tuphello and Sparrow the Eight. Until the player gets the Tiragisu and combines it with the Phieraggi, they’re not the best weapons in the game.

As a result of the Phieraggi’s rotating rays, they can be seen at the screen’s very edge. In order to achieve the fastest possible rotation and firing rate of these rays, this construct was designed in such a way. When this weapon is used in this manner, few enemies survive more than a few seconds.

Phiera Der Tuphello and Sparrow the Eight should be brought to level eight as quickly by players in order to maximize their chances of winning. These two weapons combine and free up a weapon slot once they’ve evolved.

Primary Weapon 3 – King Bible

Vampire Survivors’ best weapon is the King Bible. It deals a lot of damage while also enclosing the player in a shield. With this build, the duration of the King Bible’s cooldown is quickly exceeded by the duration of the Unholy Vespers when evolving into the Unholy Vespers.

King Bible serves as a shield for the character until the other two primary weapons can be improved and evolved in this build. The Phieraggi and La Borra, which kill the majority of the enemies before they reach the King Bible’s rotating books, will begin to take precedence over this weapon around the sixteen-minute mark.

Accessories Set 1 – Attractorb And Tiragisu

This build will not work without the Attractorb and Tiragisu add-ons. To evolve the Santa Water, Phiera Der Tuphello, and Sparrow the Eight, you’ll need these accessories. It is unlikely that players will be able to make it to minute thirty if neither of these weapons is evolved.

The Attractorb increases the character’s ability to collect pick-up items and experience gems from enemies. Because of this, the character’s progression is sped up as well. It’s possible that the Tiragisu will come in handy in Green Acres, as it grants the player up to two Revives.

Accessories Set 2 – Wings And Bracer

The La Borra’s damaging zones require both the Wings and the Bracer to increase their movement speed. These areas usually move slowly across the floor. With the Wings and Bracer, they are able to close in on the player quickly enough to avoid detection. This build isn’t nearly as effective without these additional components.

The player should avoid using the Knife despite the fact that the Bracer is required. It is true that the Bracer evolves the Knife into the Thousand Edge.. It’s just that the Knife and the Thousand Edge are two of the game’s most terrible weapons. Il Molise stage is the best place to use them if you want to get a high kill count.

Accessories Set 3 – Spellbinder And Empty Tome

Vampire Survivors’ Spellbinder and Empty Tome are two of the game’s best items. Using the Spellbinder and the Empty Tome reduces cooldown times for weapons, respectively. The La Borra and King Bible will benefit from the addition of these accessories, but their primary function is to keep the Phieraggi going.

When the Phieraggi weapon fires, the damaging rays it emits blink. The rays don’t change color as they move around the screen with the help of these two add-ons. The Phieraggi is one of the best weapons in Vampire Survivors because of its constant rate of fire.

Well, that’s all we have here about the best builds in Vampire Survivor. We hope this guide helped you.

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