Sea Of Thieves: The 10 Best Ways To Get Gold Quickly

The main goal in Sea Of Thieves, aside from leveling up each faction, is to get more and more gold. You can also use Gold to purchase a variety of cosmetic items, making it an important resource to have if you want to earn rewards in this sea-faring pirate game. Earning gold in Sea Of Thieves is a difficult task, but there are several options available. In the Devil’s Roar section of the map, you can earn more gold for the treasure you find, but the activities are also more difficult to complete. With that being said, here are the 10 best ways to get gold quickly in Sea of Thieves.

Sea Of Thieves: The 10 Best Ways To Get Gold Quickly


10 Best Ways To Get Gold Quickly in Sea of Thieves

You can participate in world events voyages and even find treasure on beaches, so you should be well-versed in gold to avoid missing out on any golden opportunities. Forming an alliance with other players is a great way to increase your gold earnings from each of these methods because the other pirates can assist you with tasks and you get half of the gold they earn from selling items.

1. Destroy Cursed Mermaid Statues

Best Ways To Get Gold Quickly in Sea of Thieves

Cursed Mermaid Statues can be found on beaches and underwater near island coasts. Blue, green, and red are the three possible colors, and each is easier or harder to destroy in that order. To destroy a Mermaid Statue, you might need the help of a second pirate.

You get a gem when you destroy a Mermaid Statue, which you can sell to any faction representative. Make sure to look for Mermaid Statues while exploring islands because these Mermaid Gems are an easy way to earn extra gold while completing other voyages and world events.

2. Open Ancient Vaults​​​​​

Best Ways To Get Gold Quickly in Sea of Thieves

Ancient Vaults are a quick way to amass a large number of treasure chests while also gaining experience for the Gold Hoarders faction. Ancient Vaults can be found by purchasing Wayfinder voyages from any Gold Hoarders representative and then following the compass until you find a map with a “X” on it.

Travel to the “X” and dig until a vault key appears. Open the vault on the specified vault’s island to discover a plethora of treasure chests and gold coins. The treasure can then be sold to a Gold Hoarders representative at a nearby outpost. Completing Wayfinder Voyages, especially in the Devil’s Roar, is a quick way to get gold.

3. Defeat The Boss At The Ashen Winds

Best Ways To Get Gold Quickly in Sea of Thieves

The Ashen Winds is a global event that takes place across the ocean on various islands. Look for a red tornado swirling above an island in the distance to locate the Ashen Winds.

When you arrive on the island, defeat the boss and the minions he summons to collect a plethora of loot strewn about. Each faction’s loot contains multiple pieces of treasure, making it a simple way to level up all of them at once. The boss of the Ashen Winds uses melee attacks as well as fogging the air.

4. Raise Emissary Flags

Best Ways To Get Gold Quickly in Sea of Thieves

In Sea of Thieves, you can raise Emissary Flags to farm double the gold and experience from selling treasure. Except for the Hunter’s Call organization, each faction in Sea Of Thieves has an emissary flag. While you have an Emissary Flag active, other player groups can see you on the world map.

If you want to raise an Emissary Flag, go to an outpost and find the emissary table next to each faction representative, then have every member of your ship vote on the table. You can only have one Emissary Flag active at a time, and if your ship sinks, you lose the flag. Through the faction’s representative, you must purchase the ability to raise each Emissary Flag. When you reach Pirate Legend status, you can purchase the Athena Emissary Flag from the Pirate Lord NPC.

5. Complete Lost Shipment Voyages

Best Ways To Get Gold Quickly in Sea of Thieves

Lost Shipments are one of the simplest ways to gain Merchant Alliance faction experience, but they all give you a lot of loot that you can sell for a profit. Purchase the Lost Shipment voyage from a Merchant Alliance outpost representative and search the map for more clues.

You’ll eventually come across a sunken ship, where you can dive to retrieve the loot and return it to your ship. You can make a tidy profit by selling the majority of it to a Merchant Alliance representative. Search for a flock of birds, as shown in the image above, to locate sunken objectives in the sea.

6. ​​​​​Defeat The Ghost Fleet

Best Ways To Get Gold Quickly in Sea of Thieves

In the world, Ghost Fleets are identified by a Flameheart head that appears in the sky and resembles a red pirate’s head. You must defeat a fleet of ghostly ships with cannonballs, including boss boats that can take more hits before sinking.

The Ghost Fleet is a lot of fun if you like ship combat. When you destroy a boat, it may drop loot, so you must dive into the water and bring the treasure aboard your ship before it vanishes. It’ll be difficult to complete this global event on your own, so bring a few crew members along with plenty of supplies.

7. Clear The Fort Of The Damned

Best Ways To Get Gold Quickly in Sea of Thieves

The Fort Of The Damned is a difficult world event to complete, but if you have a multiple-ship alliance, it’s worth it for the gold because you can keep activating this fort to gain a lot of treasure.

To get all six flames, you must first die to a shark, skeleton, snake, enemy player, fire, or lightning strike. Then, in the middle of the Fort Of The Damned, light the flames. Next, you’ll need a Ritual skull, which you can obtain by purchasing a Skull Stash voyage from Larinna. To defeat the skeletons and boss, place the Ritual Skull in the fort’s center and use the lantern colors.

8. Steal From Other Sea Thieves

Best Ways To Get Gold Quickly in Sea of Thieves

Stealing from other players is the most difficult way to obtain loot, but it is also the most efficient if you have a golden opportunity. Pirates sailing from a world event to an outpost are especially dangerous.

So that the players can’t respawn, sink the other ship first, then grab the loot from the water. Because this is a pirate game, if you don’t want to form an alliance, it’s usually every ship for itself. Hide aboard an enemy ship to gain an advantage over other pirates.

9. Clear The Fort Of Fortune

Best Ways To Get Gold Quickly in Sea of Thieves

The Fort Of Fortune is even more difficult than the Fort of the Damned. Before you can open the vault and claim your treasure, you must defeat waves of skeletons as well as multiple bosses.

To find a Fort Of Fortune, look for red-glow skulls in the sky, but they’re hard to come by. Because many ships may come to claim the treasure, you may have to fight other pirates at a Fort Of Fortune. Regular forts are also good for looting, but the Fort Of Fortune offers significantly better rewards.

10. Deliver Commodity Crates

Best Ways To Get Gold Quickly in Sea of Thieves

Commodity Crates are one of the most straightforward ways to obtain gold. You must travel from outpost to outpost, inquiring about the items required by the Merchant Alliance on each island. You can then purchase the items they don’t require and resell them to an outpost in need of the commodity.

You can check which outposts require which supplies and purchase the crates from Merchant Alliance representatives, but first you must raise the Merchant Alliance Emissary Flag. If you don’t want to fight, this method is especially useful because other pirates are less likely to attack you if you aren’t participating in a world event.

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