Rogue Legacy 2: Level Up Classes & Farm XP

Rogue Legacy 2 is a shooting platform game. Further, the full version of the game is now available on Xbox 360 and PC. Because this game is a sequel to Rogue Legacy, players who have played the previous version will have a better understanding of how to play and progress in this one. But don’t worry, we’ll walk you through the basics of leveling up and gaining XP in this game.

Rogue Legacy 2: Level Up Classes & Farm XP

How to Level Up Classes in Rogue Legacy 2?

Mastery is an item in Rogue Legacy 2 that can be earned by any of the classes. You will gain Mastery Levels, which will permanently increase the stats of all classes. Check out the Class Tier List in Rogue Legacy 2. These Mastery Levels are earned by defeating monsters while also earning XP. Each class has its own mastery bonus, which is applied to all other classes.

For instance, if you increase Mastery on Knights will increase Equip Weight. Everyone will receive a permanent upgrade as a result of this. When you level up one class, it improves all of the others. As a result, you won’t have to manually level up each and every class.

How to Farm XP in Rogue Legacy 2?

If you want to Farm XP in Rogue Legacy 2, the first thing you’ll need to do is look for a Challenge Room. Challenge Rooms are bonus portals that appear in all biomes and can be entered. In Citadel Agartha, near the starting portal, look for Challenge Rooms.

After that, you’ll have to reset the world a few times before you can find the Challenge Room. Enter the enemy-infested Challenge Room. In three stages, you’ll have to fight several waves of enemies. Clear the stages by defeating all of the waves. To survive more easily, you can use classes with high Vitality and Strength. You’ll gain about 400 XP if you complete the Challenge.

Now, in order to farm XP, you don’t have to complete the challenge; if you do, you’ll only get about 400 XP and be returned to the world; instead, you must leave the chest at the end of the Challenge Room uncollected.

You will not complete the challenge by doing so, but you will be in the challenge room, where an autosave with your gained XP will be saved after the stages of fighting the monsters.

Next, go to the main menu and continue the game. You’ll have to complete all of the Challenge Rooms again, but the XP you earned will remain with you. So, to farm XP in Rogue Legacy 2, you can simply repeat this process over and over.

Well, that’s all we have here about how you can level up classes and farm XP in Rogue Legacy 2. We hope this guide helped you. Make sure to check out the best classes in Rogue Legacy 2

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