Roblox Grand Pirates: How to Level Up Fast

New Roblox game Grand Pirates, based on the One Piece anime, takes players on a journey across eight islands. You’ll need to devise a strategy before attempting to conquer them all, as many of them have formidable foes and bosses.

Roblox Grand Pirates is a fantastic new game, and we’ve put together this guide to show you how to get the most out of it. You can easily level up and reach the maximum level of 400 by following the steps outlined below.

Roblox Grand Pirates: How to Level Up Fast

How to Level Up Quickly in Roblox Grand Pirates?

Roblox Grand Pirates is a fantastic new game. Therefore, here we’ve put together this guide to show you how to get the most out of it. You can easily reach the maximum level of 400 by following the steps outlined below.

Foosha Village (1+)

The Foosha Village serves as your starting point on the starter island. It’s best to start with Luffo, who’s right where you spawn. He’ll enlist your assistance in taking down the island’s bandits. Accept the challenge and defeat the bandits to quickly reach Level 15.

Take on the swordsman bandits with Marco, then. Get to Level 40 by putting up a fight against the toughest foes. On top of the hill, there are two boss fights, but they may be too difficult for you right now.

Shells Town (40+)

Make sure you speak to Boat Seller after you’ve reached level 40. Talk to Justin, who is standing nearby, and he will direct you to Marine Island if you buy the only boat you can afford right now.

Go to Cobz and talk to him about defeating the corrupted marines on the island after setting your spawn point. Until you reach level 70, keep grinding those marines.

As a result, Josh will ask you to defeat Swordsman Marines when you return upstairs. Until you reach Level 85, keep grinding away at your foes.

Zorro, the fugitive imprisoned on the island’s crest, is finally reachable. You’ll be asked to defeat the island’s Level 100 boss before you can talk to him. Simply grind marines until you reach level 100 if you can’t defeat him. Even though it’s unpleasant work, leveling up quickly this way is the goal.

Orange Town (100+)

You’ll arrive in Orange Town on the next island, where you’ll meet Boodlo, who’ll ask you to defeat Bobby Clowns. Keep doing this until you reach Level 130.

Talk to Pore and fight Bobby Pirates until you reach level 145. Finally, speak to Zori and defeat the island’s boss, Buggy le Clown. You should be able to get to level 160 with this.

Monkey Island (160+)

After arriving at the Monkey Island, Ray will ask you to take on the local monkeys. Level 175 is the final goal.

Next, talk to Kid to get a new mission and continue fighting apes until you reach level 190.

Speak with Mihawko, who will offer his assistance in defeating the Monkey King. Level 220 is guaranteed in this battle.

Syrup Island (220+)

You must meet Ussoap on the next island and fight pirates until you reach level 250.

You’ll meet Mornino next, who’ll ask you to help him defeat some evil marines. This can be done all the way up to Level 265 using this method.

Last but not least, speak to Kaya and defeat the Kure boss, which will grant you Level 289.

Baratie Island (280+)

Talk to Sanjo as soon as you arrive, and he’ll ask you to take on a group of evil chefs. Level 310 will be achieved by completing this mission.

After that, talk to Gino and take down all of the bad guys on the shipwreck next to this island. You should have reached level 350 by the end of this mission.

Yeti Island (350+)

Speak with Lili on the final island, and you’ll be given the task of defeating some yetis. That’s what this quest is for.

Final quest comes from Gregor and involves fighting high-level Yeti Island enemies to get you to Level 400.

Well, that’s how you can level up fast in Roblox Grand Pirates. We hope this guide helped you. If you liked this, make sure to check out the Best Roblox Demon Slayer Games (May 2022).

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