PUBG New State Rimac Nevera: How to Win 20 Rimac Crate Tickets

The PUBG New State Rimac Nevera competition runs from 9:00 a.m. UTC on January 16th until 23:59 a.m. UTC on January 20th. The winners will be revealed on January 26th. Only the top 100 survivors will receive a prize of 20 Rimac Crate Tickets each. These prize recipients will be chosen at random.

On the 26th of January at 00:00 UTC, the prizes will be delivered to the winner’s in-game inbox. Take a look at the trailer for the collaboration below.

You can win 20 Rimac Crate Tickets instead of spending all of your credits. Here’s all you need to know about the contest.

PUBG New State Rimac Nevera: How to Win 20 Rimac Crate Tickets

How to Win 20 Rimac Crate Tickets in PUBG New State?

If you want to earn 20 Rimac Crate Tickets to use in PUBG New State, you’ll need luck on your side.

First and foremost, this is a social media contest. Players must locate one of the several Rimac Nevera vehicles on the Troi 2051 map in PUBG New State and take a screenshot using the supercar.

PUBG New State Rimac Nevera: How to Win 20 Rimac Crate Tickets

To enter this competition, follow the instructions below:

  1. In Troi, take a screenshot with a Rimac Nevera car. (Screenshots from the beginning island will be disqualified.)
  2. Use the hashtag #NewStatexRimacNevera to share it on social media.
  3. Fill out the Google Forms to register for the event.

Important: Make sure your player nickname is visible in the screenshot, and don’t take other people’s screenshots…

The first big update for PUBG New State was recently released, and it’s jam-packed with new content for gamers to enjoy. On Troi 2051, the new content includes a new battle royale game style called “Extreme,” as well as additional features, bug patches, and more.

The world’s fastest accelerating production automobile is arguably the most interesting new addition to PUBG New State.

This is all owing to a collaboration between Krafton and Bugatti Rimac, who brought the supercar to life in stunning form on Troi 2051. Along with the vehicle, a new Rimac Crate has been created, complete with branded goodies and five various color options.

Please be aware that we are not a part of the competition or the selection process in any way.

Good luck to everyone who intends to participate. Maybe, just maybe, you’ll be one of the lucky 20 Rimac Crate Tickets winners for PUBG New State.

Well, that’s all we have here about how you can win 20 Rimac Crate Tickets in PUBG New State. We hope this guide helped you.

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