PUBG: New State ‘Maintenance In Progress’: Are Servers Down for Android and iPhone?

Users on both Android and iPhone are seeing the PUBG: New State “Maintenance In Progress” message (and PC, when using an emulator). Is this a sign that the PUBG: New State servers have gone down? If that’s the case, when will the servers be operational again? Here’s everything you need to know about the PUBG: New State server outage.

PUBG: New State 'Maintenance In Progress': Are Servers Down for Android and iPhone?

Why Maintenance in Progress? Are PUBG: New State Servers Down?

When servers are down, the PUBG: New State “Maintenance In Progress” message appears. Yes, the game’s servers for both Android and iPhone devices are down.

Because it is scheduled maintenance, the downtime is anticipated. When developers need to make changes that can’t be rolled out via a hotfix, they use this method. When the game relaunches, expect to hear about some bug fixes and/or improved server stability.

When Will PUBG: New State Servers be Back Up?

At 4 PM ET/1 PM. PT/9 PM. GMT, the PUBG: New State servers will be back online.

The times listed above are for the planned downtime on November 11, 2021.

On the notification that appears when users boot up the game, the expected timeframe for maintenance is detailed. It displays the start date and time of maintenance as well as the expected end date and time.

It’s great that the creators of PUBG: New State give players an estimate of when they’ll be able to play the game again. Some studios fail to provide adequate warning, resulting in players wasting their time.

Here’s how to fix the endless matchmaking taking too long bug in PUBG: New State. This encourages players to return to the game.

This guide contains a number of troubleshooting tips to help you fix those pesky New State FPS drops, stutters, and lag issues.

Well, that’s all we know about Maintenance in Progress in PUBG: New State. We hope this guide helped you.

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