How to Fix Phantasy Star Online 2 Error 249

PSO2, or Phantasy Star Online 2, is an online role-playing game that was released in the year 2000. Despite the fact that it is one of the oldest games, the fan base or love for it does not appear to be waning. However, Error 249 appears while playing your favorite Phantasy Star Online game.

Players of Phantasy Star Online 2 have recently taken to the forums to discuss error 249. They are unable to sign in to their account while playing the game, and thus remain logged out and unable to play.

Despite the fact that the game is readily available for the Xbox series, error 249 appears to be a PC-only game. Let’s take a closer look at how to fix error 249 in Phantasy Star Online 2.

How to Fix Phantasy Star Online 2 Error 249

What is Phantasy Star Online Error 249?

Signing in is required before players can access their character. The error 249 appears while signing in and completely destroys your gaming session. The most likely cause of error 249 is a server error or third-party antivirus firewall protection.

This causes your client to be unable to communicate with the server, resulting in the appearance of Phantasy Star Online error 249. Fixing error 249 can be a bit tricky because there are so many things to look into, especially since there are two possible causes: antivirus or server error.

How to fix Phantasy Star Online Error 249?

Why does error 249 occurs, as previously stated, so, let’s move on to the next step in resolving this problem!

However, we recommend that you stick to the fixes in the serial that we’ve described here and don’t try anything else.

Fix 1: Check if the Servers are running Smoothly

How to Fix Phantasy Star Online 2 Error 249

We already know that Phantasy Star Online 2 is a Massively Multiplayer online game. As a result, it relies on servers from different locations worldwide to connect your client. 

There are times when these servers go down, preventing you from signing into the game and resulting in Error 249. So go to this page and see if there’s any news about severe maintenance or a server outage.

As a result, you can rearrange your gaming schedule and play Phantasy Star Online 2 later.

In either case, if the servers appear to be functioning normally, your PC is most likely to blame. So, without further ado, proceed to the next step and resolve error 249.

Fix 2: Turn off Third-party Anti-Virus Applications [If Any]

How to Fix Phantasy Star Online 2 Error 249

Third-party antivirus applications are notoriously known for blocking access to gaming servers worldwide. Similarly, in Phantasy Star Online, error 249 can be caused by a Third-party antivirus such as Kaspersky or Quick Heal. 

You need to turn off the real-time protection of those applications and then restart the game. Further, you can add Phantasy Star Online 2 to the exception list. 

Fix 3: Troubleshoot GameGuard

One of the primary reasons behind Phantasy Star Online 2 Error 249 is GameGuard

During the installation of Phantasy Star Online 2, GameGuard is automatically installed. This program detects any cheating software or malware that can modify in-game files and alter your gameplay.

It also observes other running processes and ensures no other running process interferes with one another. Consequently, in some situations, GamGuard is responsible for causing error code 249. 

Now to delete the GameGuard folder, follow these simple steps:

  1. Open Phantasy Star Online 2 Tweaker utility tool.
  2. Once open, find the troubleshooting button and click on it. 
  3. After the troubleshooting window opens, look out for the Fix GameGuard button and click on it. 
  4. Once everything is complete, restart your game to check if error 249 appears again. 

If a message appears asking you to disable any third-party antivirus, press OK to continue, then go to Fix 2 and come back.

After you’ve finished troubleshooting, you can play Phantasy Star Online 2 without error 249.

That’s all we have to say about Error 249 in Phantasy Star Online 2. We hope you found this guide useful.

If the above fixes do not satisfy you, you can reinstall the game, which will ensure that error 249 is no longer present.

The Bottom Line

Well, that’s all we have for you about Phantasy Star Online Error 249. We hope this guide helped you. If you liked this, don’t forget to check out our best lists, explainers, and how-to guides. Furthermore, if you have any questions or suggestions, please use the comment below to contact us.

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