Outriders Worldslayer: Apocalypse Tiers Explained

Higher difficulties known as World Tiers were initially unlocked by progressing through the vanilla campaign of Outriders. Higher tiers made the game more challenging in a variety of ways, but the reward was better loot. Although progressing through the World Tiers was encouraged, you were always free to drop down a tier. In Outriders Worldslayer, the conceit—a straightforward mechanic that let players balance and alter the difficulty on the fly—remains, albeit with some modifications.

World Tiers were replaced by Challenge Tiers in the Outriders endgame. Even after reaching the level cap, these endgame tiers gave players better chances at rarer armour and weapons.

Both of these systems have been replaced in Worldslayer by the brand-new Apocalypse Tiers. The only thing that has changed is that you now have a greater chance than ever of finding better loot.

Outriders Worldslayer: Apocalypse Tiers Explained

Outriders Worldslayer: Apocalypse Tiers Explained

The way that Apocalypse Tiers operate is similar to that of Challenge Tiers. Playing on the highest Apocalypse Tier that is currently available will advance you toward unlocking the following tier. This progress bar won’t get any closer to being full if you play on any lower Apocalypse Tier.

You can advance to the following Apocalypse Tier whenever you complete a new one. Alternately, you can configure the Apocalypse Tier menu to have the game automatically advance you to the highest tier available. Since you should essentially always be working to level up your Apocalypse Tiers, we advise doing this.

Outriders Worldslayer: Apocalypse Tiers Explained

A box of random, high-value loot will also be given to you each time you reach a new tier. Particularly early in the DLC, these loot boxes typically contain something worthwhile. As you progress to higher Apocalypse Tiers, the system starts to distinguish itself. The buffs and attribute bonuses added by Worldslayer are more varied and benefit both the player and the hostile mobs.

It is significant to note for returning players that Challenge Tier progress does transfer to the new system. Apocalypse Tier 15 is unlocked if you reached Challenge Tier 15 before the release of the expansion. The level cap for Challenge Tiers was only 15, but Worldslayer raises it to Level 40. This guarantees that it will take more than a hundred hours to level up your character, not counting the time it will take to earn all 200 Ascension Points.

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