No Man’s Sky: How to Get the Horizon Vector NX Starship

No Man’s Sky is getting a 4.0 update in honor of its release on the Nintendo Switch. The difficulty can be adjusted at any time, the visuals of the inventory have been improved, new missions to fix Drop Pods have been added, and there is even more content that will entice returning players. The Horizon Vector NX Starship is a new addition to the package. In this guide, you will learn how you can get your hands on the great Horizon Vector NX Starship along with some handy tips.

No Man's Sky: How to Get the Horizon Vector NX Starship

How to Get the Horizon Vector NX Starship in No Man’s Sky?

The starship isn’t permanent and is hidden away in the new content. Its red and blue hues are reminiscent of the Nintendo Switch’s Joy-Con controllers, a color combination that is relatively rare. To acquire the Horizon Sector NX Starship, please follow these procedures.

No Man's Sky: How to Get the Horizon Vector NX Starship

In order to get the Horizon Sector NX Starship, you’ll need to buy No Man’s Sky for the Nintendo Switch. You’ll need a Nintendo Switch to get your hands on the Starship, and you have until November 7, 2022 to do so. Afterward, the Starship will be permanently removed from circulation.

Start No Man’s Sky on the Switch and link up with other players online. It’s the only way to access the Space Anomaly and get your hands on two unique Switch items. There’s the Horizon Sector NX Starship, and there’s the Infinite Neon Mark XXII Multi-Tool. As a set, you’ll get these two items, which will be uniform in their red and blue hues.

You will not be able to get either of the special items in No Man’s Sky if you own the game but haven’t connected to the game’s servers. Please check your game’s server and update the status before November 7. You shouldn’t have to worry about missing out on anything from the Space Anomaly as long as you retrieve it before that day.

The fact that you don’t have to put in any extra effort to acquire a luxurious starship to use for interstellar travel is icing on the cake. As a bonus, it helps a little bit whether you’re playing on Easy mode to take it easy or Normal to push yourself.

Well, that’s all we have here about how you can get the Horizon Vector NX Starship in No Man’s Sky. We hope this guide helped you. If you liked this, make sure to check out how you can claim twitch drops on No Man’s Sky.

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