How to Get the Lawmaker Set in Lost Ark

Skins are an important part of Lost Ark, a new MMORPG from Smilegate RPG. Many skins will be released in the future for various characters, allowing you to customize your character’s appearance. The Lawmaker Set is one of those skin sets. You’ll have to part with some cash if you want this set.

How to Get the Lawmaker Set in Lost Ark

How to Get the Lawmaker Set in Lost Ark?

The Lawmaker Set is only available to those who purchase the Founder’s Pack for Lost Ark. Even the cheapest Founder’s Pack tier excludes the Lawmaker’s Set. Either the Gold Founder’s Pack or the Platinum Founder’s Pack is required. The skin colors will also be assigned at random.

Simply purchase one of the Founder’s Packs’ higher tiers and claim them in your Product Inventory. Unless Lost Ark ever sells these skins in the Lost Ark Shop, this is the only way to get the Lawmaker Set for the time being.

The set will appear in your regular Inventory once you claim it from your Product Inventory. You can equip these skins by right-clicking them in your Inventory, and you’ll be able to wear them all over.

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