Is Tower of Fantasy a Copy of Genshin Impact?

There is nothing truly original about Genshin Impact. The game’s gameplay formula has always been drawing painfully obvious inspiration, even if the game’s beautiful cast of anime boys and girls and the regions you explore are both filled with imaginative bespoke world-building. However, a lot of question is surfacing is Tower of Fantasy a copy of Genshin Impact?

Many have drawn parallels between the popular free-to-play games Tower of Fantasy and Genshin Impact. Because its creators advertised it as a “Genshin Killer,” comparisons to that game is not totally unjustified. Nonetheless, does it actually resemble or copy Genshin Impact? Let’s take a peek down there.

Is Tower of Fantasy a Copy of Genshin Impact?

Is Tower of Fantasy a Copy of Genshin Impact?

Tower of Fantasy is very similar to Genshin Impact in that it is also a gatcha MMO with an anime aesthetic that was developed in China. One striking similarity is the way both stories begin. You play as a “Wanderer,” a person with amnesia who wakes up in a foreign land and remembers nothing about how they got there or what happened to their sibling before the game begins.

Setting-wise, however, it’s closer to Genshin’s offshoot, Honkai Impact. Tower of Fantasy may have a fantasy name, but it’s actually set in a science fiction universe with visuals that are reminiscent of works like Evangelion and Akira.

Additionally unique to Tower of Fantasy is the player’s ability to personalize their avatar. A lot of people who played Genshin and didn’t like it because they felt it lacked customization options will change their minds once they see the character creation screen, which is essentially a waifu simulator. The Simulacra system, on the other hand, lets you wear artificial intelligence in the form of a skin and channel the abilities of long-lost heroes whenever you need them. You’ll still be on the lookout for that gatcha high, even if you get to play as a character of your own creation.

Is Tower of Fantasy a ripoff of Genshin Impact, then? It’s very close to that. Even though MiHoYo features an open world and vertical exploration, it was not the first game to do so. I would say that it is obviously aimed at Genshin fans and is “inspired by” that game. There are, however, enough new elements here to distinguish the games.

As of right now, Tower of Fantasy appears to be aiming to fill the void in multiplayer that Genshin Impact leaves open. So maybe there’s room for them both to coexist in the same universe.

Since Genshin is still one of the most popular games in the world, clones were bound to appear. And that’s not even counting the other games Mihoyo has in the works, each of which is likely to put a spin on Genshin’s seemingly unstoppable formula. We are referring to Tower of Fantasy, a game that has been flooding my TikTok feed with flashy ads and gameplay footage that most people would mistake for a pirated copy of Mihoyo’s hit. Yes, that’s essentially what it is.

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