Is CrossfireX Available on PC?

Smilegate, a well-known South Korean studio, will have their hands full in February as they launch into the western gaming market with a bang! But can you, however, play CrossfireX on PC? Is CrossfireX available on PC by any means?

The new iteration of Smilegate’s FPS franchise Crossfire, CrossfireX, is just around the corner. The first-person shooter features frantic run-and-gun gameplay that Call of Duty fans will recognize, as well as a narrative campaign and a variety of multiplayer modes.

CrossfireX launched on February 10th, after spending over a year in closed beta. It is now available for Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

Apart from being a westernized version of CrossFire, CrossfireX also marks the franchise’s first appearance on consoles. You might be wondering if CrossfireX will be available on PC if you don’t own a Microsoft console. Here’s what you need to know.

Is CrossfireX Available on PC?

Is CrossfireX Available on PC?

Unfortunately, CrossfireX is an Xbox exclusive, and there will be no PC or other platform versions available at launch.

The Xbox Play Anywhere service, which allows certain Xbox games to be played on PC, is a less-than-ideal alternative, but we don’t know if CrossfireX will be supported. It’s possible that CrossfireX will be released on PC later, but Smilegate hasn’t revealed anything about the game’s post-launch plans.

All multiplayer modes in the game are free to play for all players, whether or not they have an Xbox Game Pass subscription. Meanwhile, the single-player campaign will have its own price, though no details have been released.

When it comes to consoles, Microsoft has contributed directly to the game’s development and other costs, so CrossfireX will be exclusive to the Xbox family of consoles, as was expected.

Nonetheless, Microsoft recognizes the PC as a valuable market, and nearly all new Xbox exclusives are also available on PC.

That’s why many CrossfireX fans were hoping for a PC version of the game. CrossfireX is not being developed for PC, and it will only be available on the Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S consoles.

CrossfireX will not be released on Steam, Epic Games Store, or any other PC platform, according to Microsoft and Smilegate. Surprisingly, Crossfire: Legion, a tactical real-time strategy game set in the same universe as CrossfireX, will be released on Steam later this year.

There’s a slim chance CrossfireX will be ported to PC at some point, but don’t hold your breath.

The original CrossFire has been available on PC in Europe and North America since 2011, and thanks to all of the upgrades and improvements over the years, these two games are nearly identical, so you can try it out.

Well, that’s all we know about whether CrossfireX is available on PC or not. We hope this guide helped you. If you want to know more about Xbox Game Pass, here’s our guide. If you have already started playing, here’s a guide to install the CrossfireX Campaign.

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