How to Unlock New Realms in God of War

In God of War, you can unlock a variety of realms. Despite the fact that you begin in Midgard, you will discover that you can travel to other realms after a certain point in the game.

Some are required for the main story, while others are optional locations with side quests and lore that will expand your knowledge of the God of War universe. We’ll show you how to unlock realms and travel to them at your leisure in the sections below.

How to Unlock New Realms in God of War

What Are the Realms Can You Visit in God of War?

Midgard is God of War’s largest realm, and it’s where you’ll spend the majority of your time. You will, however, have the opportunity to visit five of the eight other realms of Norse mythology.

The following are the other realms you can visit in God of War:

  • Jotunheim: Land of the giants.
  • Muspelheim: Fiery homeland of Fire Giants.
  • Alfheim: Home of the light and dark elves.
  • Niflheim: Icy, cold, and mysterious.
  • Helheim: The Norse underworld.

However, there are three realms that will remain closed to you and that you will not be able to access:

  • Asgard: Home of the Aesir gods.
  • Svartalfheim: Where the Dwarves are from.
  • Vanaheim: Realm of the Vanir gods.

How to Unlock New Realms in God of War

Three of the five realms available in God of War, aside from Midgard, are visited as part of the storey. The main quest takes place in Alfheim, Helheim, and Jotunheim.

Muspelheim and Niflheim, the other two, can be unlocked by collecting travel runes. You’ll need to locate the language cyphers in order to obtain these runes.

Each of them has four, which can be found scattered throughout Midgard. The fourth cypher, on the other hand, will be hidden until you reach the correct location in the main quest.

Well, that’s all we have here about how you can unlock new realms in God of War. We hope this guide helped you.

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