How to Sign Up for the Skate 4 Playtest?

What has been long anticipated is happening now. Players who have been anticipating Skate 4 for a long time will soon get to see what Electronic Arts has been up to. One of the most exciting playtests in a long time is about to begin, but before you can join in, there are a few things you need to do to ensure you’re ready. Here’s our guide to help you sign up for the Skate 4 Playtest.

The information necessary to participate in the Playtest of Skate 4 is provided below. It’s not required, but putting on your old skate shoes and cranking some Children of Bodom might help get you in the mood.

How to Sign Up for the Skate 4 Playtest

How to Sign Up for the Skate 4 Playtest?

Players are eager to return to the world that EA has built for them in Skate 4, and you can get your hands on the game before it’s released by signing up for the playtest announced earlier today. Although there will likely be some bugs, series fans will find it well worth their time to experience the new content in this installment.

To sign up for the playtest, go to the website linked to in this tweet or click this link. Most games have encouraged you to sign up for an EA Account for years, so all you have to do is create one, sign in, and you’ll be ready to join in on the action!

Be aware, however, that there may be long wait times, as many players are eager to re-enter the Skate universe.

A lot of people thought we’d hear something about Skate 4 in July, so this came a little bit early, but better late than never, right? There appears to be a tipping point in the growing enthusiasm for retro games like Skull and Bones, and from here, interest in these games can only increase.

The Bottom Line

Well, that’s all we have here about how fans can sign up for the Skate 4 Playtest. We hope this guide helped you. If you liked this, make sure to check out when is the Release Date of Pac-Man World: Re-Pac?

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