How to Repair Items in Lost Ark

In Lost Ark, your items will not last indefinitely. They’ll break eventually, and you’ll need to make sure you repair them so you can keep using them until you can find better equipment. When you need to repair something in Lost Ark, you’ll have to go to a specific person in town.

How to Repair Items in Lost Ark

How to Repair Items in Lost Ark

You should keep an eye out for a Repairer. Look for the anvil icon on your map HUD to locate this NPC in town. You can talk to Govan about Prideholm.

He can be found hammering away at his vendor station, ready to help you with any broken items.

When you speak with Goven, a screen displaying all of the items he can repair will appear. You’ll also see a detailed breakdown of how much it costs to repair each piece of equipped gear, as well as the total cost of repairing all of your items.

In the equipped items section of the Item Repair menu, after you’ve repaired an item, you’ll see a green checkmark next to it.

Alternatively, you can have your tools repaired by your Repairer by going to the trade skill tool page. Make sure to look for the anvil icon on the map to find a Repairer near you.

How to Repair Tools in Lost Ark?

In Lost Ark, you have two options for repairing tools. One is finding an NPC on the map with an anvil icon, which signifies that they can help you repair a tool repaired. Next, you also have an option to use CTRL + right-click on your pet to open up the Pet Functions menu, which will give you access to the repair tools tab.

Having Silver, the primary currency in Lost Ark, will be necessary for you. The more valuable your item is, the more it will cost to fix it. Repairing isn’t cheap, but you should be able to afford it with the Silver you earn in-game.

How to Repair Trade Tools in Lost Ark?

In Lost Ark, repairing Trade Skill Tools is also fairly straightforward. It’s just like fixing your regular gear. The pickaxe’s durability degrades over time when used for mining.

The Apprentice mining tool, for example, has a durability of 97. Depending on the rarity of a Trade Skill Tool, the tool’s durability and effectiveness increase.

At least two repair shops can be found in any of the country’s major cities. For example, below is Luterra Castle.

Once you’ve arrived at the location, speak with the repair NPC to open the “Repair Gear” and “Trade Skill Tool” windows at the bottom of the screen. The damaged tools will appear on the left side of the window when you press the Trade Skill Tool. If you choose him, he will fix your tools for a small fee of silver!

Well, that’s all we have for you about how you can repair items in Lost Ark. We hope this guide helped you.

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