How to Reduce Death Counter in Sifu?

Sifu, which is now available for PS5, PS4, and PC, has a very unique gameplay hook in its Age system. When you die in Sifu, another death is added to your death counter, which, if you aren’t careful, can quickly age you and make the rest of the game much more difficult.

Following our instructions, you’ll be able to figure out the quickest way to lower your death counter, ensuring that you clear a level without reaching your seventies.

How to Reduce Death Counter in Sifu?

How to Reduce Death Counter in Sifu?

There will be numerous opportunities for you to die while playing Sifu. You will die if you are caught off guard by a powerful mini-boss or a large group of enemies. It’s a game’s unfortunate inevitability.

Rather than having a standard life system, you simply continue to age as you progress through the level until you reach a point of no return and die of old age. You can reduce your Death Counter, which appears in the top left corner of your screen, thankfully.

The simplest way to accomplish this is to fight properly and eliminate Strong Enemies. When you kill one of these overpowered lackeys, your death counter decreases by one, sometimes more.

These baddies have double the health and aren’t afraid to come at you with their enhanced strength, so using weapons and knowing how to dodge an attack properly will help you deal with them.

While a normal foe may take 4 to 5 hits to take down with little resistance, these baddies have double the health and aren’t afraid to come at you with their enhanced strength.

How to Reduce Death Counter in Sifu?

Fighting Minibosses will also help you reduce your death counter, and they usually follow a fairly consistent pattern. Thankfully, you can learn a part of their pattern without taking too much damage by using the standard blocking feature.

For example, the enemy in the above screenshot will hit you with two standard hits, a high hit, and then a low hit as part of one of her attack patterns. You’ll be able to beat her and reduce your death counter by a significant amount if you follow her pattern and use the dodging mechanics.

Sifu is primarily a beat ’em up, but it also has some roguelike elements, and replaying a level after you’ve completed it allows you to reduce not only your death counter, but also your age.

When you finish one level, you move on to the next with the best age and death counter from the previous one. Second runs are highly recommended because they give you more time to learn your opponent’s attack patterns and help you master your moveset.

The Bottom Line

Well, that’s all we have here about how you can reduce death counter in Sifu. We hope this guide helped you. If you liked this, don’t forget to check out our other explainers, best lists, and how-to guides. Furthermore, if you have any questions or suggestions, please use the comment section below to contact us. Sifu is available on Epic Games Store.

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