Nerdle Archive: How to Play Old Nerdle Games

Nerdle, which rhymes with Wordle, is a new game on the internet. However, unlike Worlde which lets you play with words, Nerdle lets you play with mathematics equations. As a result, Nerdle received a lot of positive reviews as well as a wider audience because even the teachers loved this game. But what if you want to play old Nerdle games? Or, what if you want to play more Nerdle games? Well, here’s our guide to help you with that.

Nerdle Archive: How to Play Old Nerdle Games

Is it Possible to Play Old Nerdle Games?

Yes, at the time of writing you can easily play old Nerdle games on your PC and smartphone. This new feature is known as Nerdle Replay and it allows you to play previously released games and continue having fun.

Furthermore, you can either use this to get an ongoing streak or simply hone your skills for upcoming puzzles. Feel free to use our guide about playing old Nerdle games on whatever device you have.

Is there a Nerdle Archive?

Yes, of course, there is. However, it is not directly accessible by the players themselves. Instead, they have to follow some tricks listed here such as URL customization and all to play them. Well, if you are here, you don’t have to worry about anything because we have got your back.

How to Play Old Nerdle Games (Classic)

Here’s our detailed guide to help you play and solve old Nerdle maths equations easily and efficiently. Moreover, we have listed some out of the world ways to play Nerdle that includes URL modification as well as using the Web Archive (WayBack Machine). It doesn’t matter how technically sound  you are, since you are reading Make Tech Quick, we will teach you each and every possible way in the easiest way. With that being said, let’s get started.

Method 1: Customize the URL

Just for the sake of information, URL stands for Uniform Resource Location. In more simple terms, the web address you put on a browser is known as a URL. So technically, you have to modify the website address yourself in the following way.

The URL format on your address bar should be like this: Y stands for Year, M stands for Month, and D stands for date.

So, suppose you want to play the game of 28th April, 2022, your URL structure should be:

Nerdle Archive: How to Play Old Nerdle Games

That’s it, now you can play the Nerdle game of any day you wish just for fun. But keep in mind that playing this way will not increase your streak since you are playing backdate.

Method 2: Use the Web Archive

The Web Archive, also known as the Wayback Machine is a popular lookback tool that lets you see the previous version of websites. As the name suggests, the Wayback Machine, takes you days back when the pages got indexed on Google and that got cached on the servers of Web Archive. If this feels too technical, don’t worry. The Wayback Machine lets you see the older versions of the pages when they were first found. So you can play the old Nerdle games of your choice whenever you wish.

However, there’s a catch. Since the World Wide Web is so huge, the Web Archive is unable to cache everyday results. That means, you will have to look out and find the game it has. In the end, you will have no choice but to play the Old Nerdle game it has captured. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Go to this site.
  2. Enter in the address bar and press Enter.
  3. Now you will see a calendar-like interface with some dates having blue or red spots. Those blue or red spots are the days when Nerdle was discovered by Wayback Machine.
  4. Click on that date and you will able to see 2 to 3 snapshots. Nerdle Archive: How to Play Old Nerdle Games
  5. Click on any snapshot and you will be taken to the Nerdle game of that day.

Simple. Isn’t it? Now, if you are in the mood to play mini Nerdle games, what can you do? Don’t worry, we will explain that as well.

How to Play Old Nerdle Mini-Games?

Well, the approach is quite similar. As you saw above about the classic Nerdle game, those two methods can be applied here as well. You have to do the exact same thing. Just instead of, you have to enter You have to add mini before the URL and the above two methods will be working just fine.

Well, that’s all we have here about how you can play old Nerdle games. We hope this guide helped you and you enjoyed it. If you liked this, make sure to check out about the best Battle Royale games on Android.

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