How to Get Venti in Genshin Impact?

When it comes to Genshin Impact, players rave about the exhilarating action and unforgettable characters. Venti, a bard who likes to down his weight in wine, has been the focus of much of Genshin Impact’s attention. Early in the game, Venti is introduced as one of the game’s most well-known characters. As a Genshin Impact player, you may be wondering how to acquire Venti and bring her into your squad. You can also find out more about Heizou.

How to Get Venti in Genshin Impact?

How to Get Venti in Genshin Impact?

Venti is one of the game’s featured characters and a 5-star character. In order to summon a 5-star character like Venti from the “Wish” system, they must be featured in the game’s “Character Event Wish” banner. Five-star heroes like Diluc and Keqing can be summoned at any time by the player. But if you want Venti or another 5-star character, you will have to wait until they appear in the game.

How to Get Venti in Genshin Impact?

You can easily see who is featured on the Character Event Wish banner by going to the “Wish” menu in your game (press F3 on your keyboard). What follows is an examination of who is capable of pulling the strings. Due to Kamisato Ayaka’s current availability via the Character Event Wish banner, Venti is currently unavailable in the game.

Fortunately, there is still a glimmer of hope. Because of this, you can’t currently get Venti in the game. However, popular characters are frequently re-run, allowing you to pull for a limited character that you had previously missed. It’s hard to ignore the fact that Venti, in particular, has already been featured three times and continues to enjoy widespread recognition. Keep an eye out for a re-run of Venti in the HoYoverse, as it’s likely to happen again.

What Venti fans can do right now is save their Primogems in the hopes that Venti will appear on a re-run banner at some point in the future.

Well, that’s all we have here about how players can get Venti in Genshin Impact. We hope this guide helped you. If you liked this, make sure to check out how to make Three Special Unmoving Essential Oils in Genshin Impact.

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