How to Get Rubber in My Time at Sandrock

My Time at Sandrock features a diverse range of gameplay mechanics that appeals to a wide audience. Because of this, players will have to interact with a variety of content in the game, which is a lot of fun for them. However, due to some complex mechanisms in the game, players are looking out for ways to get rubber.

It’s hard to categorize My Time at Sandrock as one particular genre or style. Building a base, fighting monsters, crafting items, farming, and gathering resources are all options, as are interacting with and falling in love with the game’s many characters. As a result, My Time at Sandrock is more like Stardew Valley than a more traditional third-person shooter like Minecraft.

How to Get Rubber in My Time at Sandrock

How to Get Rubber in My Time at Sandrock

Since, crafting is an important part of the game, and it’s often what players have to do to advance the plot. To be sure, there are side missions where players must craft items requested by in-game characters to complete a goal.

Rubber is one of the most common items that players will craft. Further, rubber is frequently required for various structures and crafting stations throughout the game. What Rubber in My Time at Sandrock can be used for is detailed below, in case the player needs it.

Like Iron Ore, Rubber is regarded as a “raw crafting material” in My Time at Sandrock. In contrast to a Rubber Shell, which must be crafted, this can be obtained through gathering.

Players will have to venture into the wild in order to find Rubber in the game.

  1. First of all, craft a Recycler. A recycler requires 3 Wood, 2 Grinding Saws, and 2 Stone Trough.
  2. Next, bring a Pickhammer, it needs 2 Wood and 4 Stone to craft,
  3. After that, travel to Eufaula Salvage, the Beach, or visit the Eufaula Desert. These three locations are most likely to have piles of junk.
  4. Now look out for Junk Piles or Rubber Junk Piles and destroy them. Destroying them can drop Rubber Scraps.
  5. Finally, put the Rubber Scraps into the Recycler.

Once you finish the entire process, you will get Rubber.

A large amount of Rubber will be sought after by players. Rubber Shells are used to build additional crafting stations and to complete side missions, making it a critical component of the game. One of the requirements for the R-47 Mobile Suit’s quest is four Rubber Shells.

Below we have mentioned some important assembly stations and gear that need Rubber to create refined materials used for crafting:

  • Refiner
  • Explorer clothing
  • Apprentice Cooking Station
  • Desert clothing
  • Sandgear
  • Valves
  • Rescue Team clothing
  • Magneto Inductive Inspector
  • Sandrunning Kiosk
  • Yakmel Station

Those are the only things in the game that have any connection to Rubber Shells. Make sure you have enough Rubber Rings and Rubber Tubes before you start working on other important blueprints in My Time at Sandrock.

Well, that’s all we have here about how you can get Rubber in My Time at Sandrock. We hope this guide helped you. If you are struggling, make sure to build the Furnace.

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