How to Get Glass in V Rising

A vampiric twist on the survival game is present in V Rising, but many of the genre’s defining characteristics are still present. For example, you’ll need to make potions and other items such as gear and, for our purposes, glass.

As with many other V-Rising items, the necessity for glass may not become apparent until much later in the game. Many questions will arise at this point, including how to make glass and what to use it for. In reality, given the material’s relative scarcity, you’re more likely to wonder how you can get started farming it right away.

V Rising has a lot of glass, so let’s take a closer look at what it’s used for and how you can get your hands on a lot of it quickly.

How to Get Glass in V Rising

What Is the Use of Glass In V Rising?

In V Rising, you can make two things using grass: Windows and empty glass bottles. Windows are an essential part of most V Rising players’ fantasy castles, even if they are merely decorative.

Even vampires need a break from the slumber of their coffins. If you want to complete any of the game’s base-building objectives, you’ll need to build windows. V Rising’s more eye-catching and prominent decorative items utilize glass as a key crafting component.

Many players, however, may discover that the majority of their glass is used in the manufacture of glass bottles. You’ll need a constant supply of these if you plan on spending a lot of time at the Alchemy Table, not only because they allow you to store various crafted concoctions but also because they are not currently reusable.

How to Craft Glass in V Rising

The glass recipe in V Rising must first be unlocked before you can begin making it. Christina the Sun Priestess, a dangerous V Blood enemy, holds the recipe.

It’s not until later in the game that you’ll be able to face Christina, a level 44 enemy. Christina’s lair is located to the northwest of Dawnbreak Village, but she isn’t always present. Dawnbreak and Mosswick are the places where you’re more likely to find her on the road.

How to Get Glass in V Rising

The best strategy is to fight her outside of Dawnbreak in order to avoid encountering some of the most dangerous foes in that location. In any case, she is a formidable foe, so have some long-range attacks and evasive/defensive abilities at the ready.

When you have defeated Christina, you will be rewarded with the following items:

  1. Purgatory Power
  2. Empty Glass Bottle Recipe
  3. Glass Recipe
  4. Blood Rose Potion Recipe
  5. Holy Resistance Potion Recipe

Head to the furnace now that you’ve got your glass recipe. You’ll need to build a Castle Heart if you don’t already have one. 480 stone and 60 copper ores are all that’s needed to build a furnace from there.

You’ll need to put 20 quartz crystals in your furnace before you can start making glass. You’ll need a lot of quartz to complete larger projects because each pane of glass costs 20 quartz, and you’ll need many panes of glass throughout the game. To get to that, we’ll have to keep going.

How Do You Farm Glass In V Rising?

When we are talking about farming glass, we’re actually talking about farming quartz because quartz is the only material you need to farm glass in V Rising. The good news is that you have a number of viable options when it comes to harvesting quartz.

Nodes are where you’ll get the majority of your quartz. Quartz nodes are a little more difficult to find than other mineral nodes in the game. It will take you some time to get to all of them because they’re spread out over a large area in Dunley Farmlands. Here is a detailed map of the area’s known quartz nodes.

Despite the fact that each of these nodes will provide you with 40-50 quartz, you will not be able to continue farming them indefinitely. So, if you need more quartz but can’t get back to those nodes, you’ll have to come up with a different plan.

The Dunley Farmlands area is home to a large number of enemies that can drop quartz. The problem is that the chances of getting quartz from drops are so low that it’s practically impossible to count on them. But there is at least one place in the game where the odds are a bit better.

A small army of level 50+ enemies can be found at Dunley Monastery, and they all have a decent chance to drop quartz. However, you should be aware that you’ll need a substantial supply of Holy Resistance Potions to even maintain your presence long in that area. As a result, you may need to gather the ingredients for the potion before going to the Monastery to hunt down quartz. When you have potions to spare, it’s best to use this enemy farming spot in-between node circuits instead of relying on the quartz nodes.

Well, that’s all we have here about how you can farm glass in V Rising. We hope this guide helped you. If you liked this, make sure to check out how you can get leather and blood essence in V Rising. Check out our guide to V Rising best weapon tier list.

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