How to Fix Xbox ‘Online Status Unknown’ Error

Is there a way to get rid of the Xbox error “online status unknown”? It’s a problem that’s been with the Xbox One for the majority of its life, but it appears to still be affecting players in 2021, where Xbox Live should show whether a person is online or offline, but instead displays “unknown.” Is there a fix for the Xbox One’s “online status unknown” issue, or is it a problem with Xbox Live?

How to Fix Xbox 'Online Status Unknown' Error

How to Fix Xbox ‘Online Status Unknown’ Error?

Players should try the following to fix the “online status unknown” error message on Xbox consoles:

  1. Check the Xbox Live service status page for any issues, then try again later or return to the dashboard and change the Gamertag’s player status to “online.”
  2. Hold down the Xbox’s power button for ten seconds until the console shuts down, then unplug the system from its power cable and wait ten seconds again, which will reset the power supply. Reconnect the cable, turn on the console, and give it another shot.
  3. Remove the profile from the Xbox and re-add it. Remove the profile by pressing the Xbox button and going to Profile & System/Settings/Account/Remove Accounts, then returning to Profile & System and selecting Add or Switch.
  4. Go to Profile & System/Settings/System/Console info/Reset console, then select “Reset and keep my games & apps” as the soft factory reset option. This will only reset the operating system, leaving everything else in place, including any corrupted data.

If there are any issues with Xbox online services, or if the servers are down entirely, the “unknown” online status message will most likely be the cause, so it’ll just be a matter of waiting for it to go away.

Here’s what to do if your Xbox is stuck on a green loading screen for more help with Xbox issues.

Well, that’s all we have here about how you can fix Xbox ‘Online Status Unknown’ error. We hope this guide helped you.

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