How to Fix the “Failed to Query For Tournament Rules” Error in Fortnite

If you receive an error message saying “Failed to query for tournament rules” while queuing for a Fortnite tournament (for example, the All Valley Cup), the best way to fix it is to quit the game and try again in 15 minutes. Here’s everything you need to know about how you can fix this issue.

How to Fix the "Failed to query for tournament rules" Error in Fortnite

How to Fix the “Failed to query for tournament rules” Error in Fortnite?

If you’ve been in line for a long time and haven’t received this message, you’ll just have to wait. Do not restart because you will be pushed to the back of the line.

It’s also a good idea to double-check that the tournament you’re entering is still running and that you meet the eligibility requirements. Start Fortnite and go to the Compete tab to see when a tournament begins.

Here you can see when all of the scheduled tournaments will begin. To find the tournaments that are starting soonest, scroll to the left. You can look over the details of each event and enter if one is currently taking place.

To compete in a tournament in Fortnite, you must have a career Epic Account level of at least 50. This is not to be confused with your Season Level, which can be found under the Career tab.

You’ll also need to enable Two-Factor Authentication (2FA), which you can’t do in-game. Set up Two-Factor Authentication on your Epic Account by clicking this link. If you haven’t already done so, you may need to create an account.

Some Other Fixes You Can Try

  1. Players can get around this error by logging out and back into their Epic Games account.
  2. Check the status of Fortnite’s server to make sure the problem isn’t on their end. If this is the case, the only option is to wait for the official servers to reach peak performance.
  3. To fix any errors that may be causing the error from their own network, try rebooting the network connection and router.
  4. To avoid this error, players should make sure their accounts have two-factor authentication enabled.
  5. Before starting the game, players can try rebooting their devices.
  6. If none of these options work, players can reinstall Fortnite.

When you reinstall Fortnite, you will have to log in again using your credentials. Remember, reinstalling can cause Fortnite to get stuck on the connecting screen for the first time and then it will be eventually normalised.

The Bottom Line

Well, that’s all we have here about how you can fix the “Failed to query for tournament rules” Error in Fortnite. We hope this guide helped you. If you liked this, don’t forget to check out our other explainers, best lists, and how-to guides. Furthermore, if you have any questions or suggestions, please use the comment section below to contact us.

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