How to Fix Halo Infinite Wasp’s Chain Gun Challenge Not Working

Players have reported that the chain gun challenge in Halo Infinite Wasp’s chain gun challenge not working properly, making it extremely difficult for anyone trying to earn all of the XP on the Battle Pass.

According to reports, the chaingun challenge in Halo Infinite Wasp isn’t tracking correctly, which means the Spartan kills required to complete the objective aren’t showing up on the Battle Pass. Is there a way to fix the Halo Infinite Wasp challenge?

How to Fix Halo Infinite Wasp’s Chain Gun Challenge Not Working

How to Fix Halo Infinite Wasp’s Chain Gun Challenge Not Working?

To fix the Halo Infinite Wasp chain gun challenge kills not tracking issue, do the following:

  1. Restart the game, and if necessary, the computer as well. If the issue is only temporary, this should resolve it by re-logging the player onto the game’s servers. Make sure the game is turned off completely.
  2. If the problem occurred in a Party or with friends, leave and join a solo queue.
  3. If the challenge is consistently bugged, use a consumable to replace it entirely.
  4. Wait for 343 Industries to resolve the issue.

There’s no word on whether this issue with Spartan kills not being tracked for the Wasp chain gun challenge is a permanent issue or just a glitch, but it’s not the first time weapon kills haven’t been tracked for a challenge in Halo Infinite’s Battle Pass.

If none of the above fixes work, you’ll have to wait for 343 to fix the challenge — or just swap it out entirely.

Well, that’s all we have here about how you can fix Halo Infinite Wasp’s Chain Gun Challenge not working issue. We hope this guide helped you.

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