How to Fix Halo Infinite Stuck on Other Players Loading Glitch

While matchmaking, some Halo Infinite players are getting stuck on the “Other players loading” screen. On Xbox Series X, Series S, Xbox One, and PC, an endless load loop can occur. It’s an annoyance that prevents users from playing online multiplayer matches in the new Halo game, no matter when or where it occurs.

Is there, however, a quick and simple fix for the Halo Infinite stuck on other players loading bug? Here’s everything you need to know about a simple and effective solution.

How to Fix Halo Infinite Stuck on Other Players Loading Glitch

How to Fix Halo Infinite Stuck on Other Players Loading Glitch

To fix the endless Halo Infinite “Other players loading” error loop, do the following:

  1. Wait five minutes to see if the loading is complete.
  2. Restart the game and give it another shot.
  3. For service status updates, follow @HaloSupport on Twitter.
  4. The Xbox or PC hardware should be hard reset.
  5. The internet router should be restarted.
  6. Change your Wi-Fi connection to a wired Ethernet connection.
  7. Switch the internet network (use a mobile data hotspot, for example).
  8. To avoid potential server issues, play Halo Infinite during off-peak hours.

After completing all of the preceding steps, users should be able to resolve Halo Infinite’s stuck while loading in issues.

Getting into online multiplayer matches should be simple and quick once the problem has been resolved.

However, if the issue persists, consider contacting the Halo Support team for assistance.

It’s worth noting that Halo Infinite is a massive new release that’s still in beta ahead of its December 8, 2021 release date.

Keeping this in mind, problems are unavoidable. Multiplayer connectivity issues should fade away as the release hype fades and 343 Industries updates the game to improve stability.

Well, that’s all we have here about how you can fix Halo Infinite stuck on other players loading glitch. You can also check out how to fix Halo Infinite Stuck on Transitioning. Moreover, the ‘Connection lost’ Error is also disturbing a lot of players.

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