How to Fix Final Fantasy XIV “This World is currently full” Error?

Is there a way to fix the “This World is currently full” error in Final Fantasy XIV? Because of the MMO’s popularity, the annoying Final Fantasy 14 “World full” error message can appear frequently on servers with a large number of players, and with Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker now in early access, there will be an influx of new and returning players.

So, if the Final Fantasy XIV “World is full” error occurs, can it be fixed?

How to Fix Final Fantasy XIV "This World is currently full" Error?

How to Fix Final Fantasy XIV “This World is currently full” Error?

To resolve the error message “This World is currently full” in Final Fantasy XIV, players should:

  • Wait a few minutes to see if the line shrinks or if the game allows you to enter.
    • The message usually just means that there are a lot of players trying to get on a particular world at the same time, and the server queue system is having trouble, so patience is all that is required.
  • Check characters in other worlds
    • If the player has a character in another world, try using that to see if the issue is game-wide or specific to that world.
  • Check the server status of the world that you are trying to play.
    • Go to the official server check website for more information. The error message may appear if there is any maintenance going on, or if the server is marked as “creation of new characters unavailable,” which indicates that it is particularly popular. If you’re having trouble creating a new character, try a world marked in green instead.
  • Restart the game, as well as the system and the internet router, if necessary.

Unfortunately, there is no specific solution for the “this World is currently full” error message, which is usually caused by a large influx of players. Players will simply have to be patient and wait in line or retry until Final Fantasy XIV allows them to play.

Here’s how to fix the lobby server connection error in Final Fantasy XIV for more information.

Well, that’s all we have here about how you can fix Final Fantasy XIV “This World is currently full” Error. We hope this guide helped you.

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