How to Fish in Elyon

In Elyon, fishing is an important skill that players can use to earn gold. They can also be dismantled and used as a resource for a variety of purposes. In this guide, we’ll look at how to fish in Elyon and where the best places to do so are.

How to Fish in Elyon

How to Fish in Elyon?

To begin fishing, you must first get a fishing rod. A standard fishing rod can be purchased from any fishing spot’s manager. You can also make one using the weapon production table in the house.

How to Fish in Elyon

It’s important to remember that not all rods are created equal, and that each type has a unique effect. The following is a list of all the rods that are available in the game:

  • Waterfall Rock Fishing Rod: Lessens automatic fishing time
  • Heavenly Island Fishing Rod: High durability
  • Sea Wing Fishing Rod: Lessens waiting time
  • Sea Wind Fishing Rod: Greater chance to land a pearl
  • Windy Fishing Rod: Reduces the difficulty of mini-game
  • Shabby Fishing Rod: No effects

Once you’ve obtained the fishing rod, proceed as follows:

  • Make your way to the fishing spot of your choice.
  • To begin fishing, press F once you’ve arrived.
  • If something catches on your rod’s hook, it will begin to twitch. At this point, you must use the Spacebar to reel in the catch.

In the game, there are designated fishing spots marked on the World map by a fish shape. You can, however, fish on any of the game’s water bodies, not just the designated fishing spots.

Well, that’s all we have for you about how you can Fish in Elyon. We hope this guide helps you fish in Elyon.

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