How to Find The Warden in Minecraft

The Wild Update, which will be released soon, will bring new blocks, biomes, and mobs to Minecraft, as well as a terrifying new creature known as The Warden. While Minecraft is getting a lot of new content, nothing will scare you as much as this colossal creature that lives in the dark.

If you’re brave enough to go after The Warden, you might be wondering how and where you can find him. Or maybe you just want to know where it is so you can avoid it properly. We’re here to assist you in your search for The Warden in Minecraft.

How to Find The Warden in Minecraft

Who is The Warden in Minecraft?

The Warden, standing close to 4 blocks tall and slightly larger than the Iron Golem, is an unstoppable force of nature. He’s meant to be more of a “natural disaster than a boss,” according to the Minecraft team.

The Warden is the first blind mob in Minecraft, sensing sounds and vibrations from other mobs and the player. His attacks are lethal, causing one-hit kills for those without Netherite armor and two-hit kills for those who have it.

It’s difficult, but not impossible, to avoid The Warden. Snowballs or arrows are good tools to bring on your adventures because he can be distracted by projectiles landing. Sneaking in-game can also help, and getting around him in The Deep Dark biome can net you some valuable loot.

If you attack him, he will become faster and more powerful. He is said to leave nothing behind when he dies, making a fight with him worth nothing more than bragging rights. He is, without a doubt, a terrifying creature.

How to Find The Warden in Minecraft

You can find the warden in the Deep Dark Caves, which are easily identifiable thanks to the proliferation of the new block, Sculk, which serves as a landmark. On the lowest levels of world generation, just above Bedrock, you’ll find Deep Dark Caves.

Minecraft Warden Spawn Criteria

The Warden’s unique method of spawning sets it apart from other creatures in Minecraft. The Warden won’t appear until the player has manually activated four Sculk Shriekers, rather than appearing automatically. Additionally, there can’t be another Warden within 48 blocks, and the cave’s light level has to be lower than 11. In the image below, you can see a Sculk Shrieker, a Sculk Sensor, and a Sculk Catalyst, from left to right:

Any motion or interaction in the vicinity of a Sculk Sensor, or stepping on the block itself, will set off the Sculk Shrieker. After being triggered by the Sensor, the Shrieker will immediately make a lot of noise. When a Shrieker is triggered four times, either by the same Shrieker or by different Shriekers, a Warden will appear.

Although it is possible to kill the Warden, the designers at Mojang want him to feel more like a villain from a scary movie: a surprise threat from which the best course of action is to flee. This makes for an atmosphere and adventure style that is hard to replicate anywhere else in the game.

If you sneak past the Warden, it won’t be able to see you, but you’ll be able to hear its audible heartbeat from a short distance away. All nearby lights will flicker and dim when a Warden is in the area, adding to the eerie atmosphere that this new gang is perfect for.

How to Fight and Kill The Warden in Minecraft

Launchable items like arrows or snowballs are a great way to distract the Warden and/or remove it from your path, as the impact noise of them landing will also act as a lure, as demonstrated in the 2020 event where the Warden was revealed. Keep in mind that the Warden can easily turn around and begin sprinting towards you the moment you make a noise, whether it be running, jumping, mining, building, or attacking.

Now, if you wish to fight the Warden, the Warden has 500 HP and will deal you the following damage depending on the challenge level you choose:

MELEE 16 (8 Hearts) 30 (15 Hearts) 45 (22.5 Hearts)
RANGED 6 (3 Hearts) 10 (5 Hearts) 15 (7.5 Hearts)

If you manage to kill a Warden, it will drop a Sculk Catalyst and five experience points. This catalyst can be used to create your own Sculk effects by killing XP-dropping mobs.

The Bottom Line

Well, that’s all we have here about how you can find  and kill the Warden in Minecraft. We hope this guide helped you. If you liked this, don’t forget to check out our other explainers, best lists, and how-to guides. Furthermore, if you have any questions or suggestions, please use the comment section below to contact us. Recently a lot of users started complaining about Internal Exception: Connection Reset error in Minecraft, make sure to check out our guide to fix it.

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