How to Enter the Witness Protection Program in BitLife

You can successfully complete the Goodfellas Challenge in BitLife, and in this guide, we’ll show you how to do it. You have to read this article in its entirety in order to succeed in this challenge in BitLife, or else you’ll find yourself in the BitLife Mafia’s concrete shoe store near the river docks. Here’s our guide to help you enter the Witness Protection Program in BitLife.

How to Enter the Witness Protection Program in BitLife

How to Enter the Witness Protection Program in BitLife?

Entering the Witness Protection Program is not easy in BitLife. You must first join the Mafia in order to inform on them. You might want to think about having yourself in New York since being there greatly helps with this (no matter how awkward this sounds).

Start committing crimes as soon as you can to enhance your reputation. You can select a Mafia to join as soon as you turn 18 (who would have thought that even criminals have standards?).

In order to advance in the Italian Mafia, you must earn their trust by performing tasks for them. This will gradually raise your “rank” within the organization. You will have the option to betray them once you are in a position of sufficient authority.

In BitLife, there are currently two ways to finish the Goodfellas Challenge and enter the Witness Protection Program. The first is to commit a crime, get apprehended by the police, and then, at their urging, inform on the Mafia to avoid going to jail. We advise you to take the easier route instead, which is to simply walk to the nearest police station and volunteer to snitch on someone. This is less convenient and more manageable.

In both situations, you must collect evidence on the Mafia members (you will have the option to do so, and we advise using it with more amiable ones as they will be less reluctant to provide valuable information) and if they start to act suspiciously, you can “whack ’em” (take them out).

How to Enter the Witness Protection Program in BitLife

You will be offered to join the witness protection program as soon as you provide the police with enough information to result in the Mafia being found guilty, allowing you to “safely” sleep with one eye open on the other side of the world since no one is safe from the Mafia.

The Bottom Line

Well, that’s all we have here about how you can join the Witness Protection Program in BitLife. We hope this guide helped you. If you have any problems, make sure to comment below and also check out how you can make someone your enemy on BitLife.

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