Horizon Forbidden West: How to Get Pre-order Bonuses

If you decide to put some money down and reserve Horizon Forbidden West ahead of its official release, you may be eligible for a number of pre-order bonuses. Unfortunately, your character will not be able to access these rewards right away. Before you can use them, you must first pick them up. Here’s everything you need to know about Horizon Forbidden West’s pre-order bonuses.

Horizon Forbidden West: How to Get Pre-order Bonuses

How to Get Pre-order Bonuses in Horizon Forbidden West?

You won’t have to go far to get your pre-order bonuses. They’ll all be delivered to your stash, which you can access whenever you visit any of the settlements. Before you start digging into Horizon Forbidden West, go to your stash and add them to your collection.

The Nora Thunder Elite items, two Carja Behemoth, a Machine Strike pack, an in-game resources pack, and much more are among the bonuses.

These will come in handy early on in your journey as you explore the west, so make sure to get them as soon as possible.

You’ll also want to visit a settlement on a regular basis to replenish your stash with all of the resources and items you’ll be collecting in Horizon Forbidden West; relaxing in between exploration and missions is a good way to do so.

Well, that’s all we have here about how you can get your Pre-order Bonuses in Horizon Forbidden West. We hope this guide helped you.

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