How to Complete Hyperion’s Dirge Quest and Get Divine Bridle in Genshin Impact

Enkanomiya and its many mysteries are included in the Version 2.4 update. Many of these mysteries and secrets can be discovered by participating in new World Quests. We can assist you if you’re having trouble obtaining this special item in this quest. In Genshin Impact, here’s how to finish the Hyperion’s Dirge quest and obtain the Divine Bridle.

Genshin Impact: How to Complete Hyperion's Dirge Quest & Get Divine Bridle

How to Complete Hyperion’s Dirge Quest & Get Divine Bridle?

Aberaku, an NPC in Enkanomiya, gives the quest Hyperion’s Dirge. To find him, go to the Dainichi Mikoshi Teleport Waypoint in Enkanomiya and change the artificial sun to Evernight (when it’s dark).

Then, to go down one level, turn around and jump off the balcony. You’ll see two Ruin Guards sitting next to two torches in the direction you jumped from.

To proceed into a secret room where Aberaku will be waiting, defeat the Ruin Guards, and light the torches with Pyro.

He’ll ask you to find three offerings and bring them back to this room, which is where the tricky part begins. The offerings can be found in the map sections The Narrows, Evernight Temple, and Serpent’s Heart.

To summon Aberaku to each of the three offering locations and continue the quest, you’ll need five specific Key Sigils. If you’re not sure where to look for the Key Sigils that correspond to the symbols on the seals, consult our guide to all Key Sigil locations.

Hyperion’s Dirge Offering in The Narrows

There are no map markers for this part of the quest, but we have some images that you can use instead. To find a circular clearing surrounded by seals that must be matched to specific Key Sigils, go to this location in The Narrows:

Genshin Impact: How to Complete Hyperion's Dirge Quest & Get Divine Bridle

To summon Aberaku and begin a timed combat challenge, match the correct Key Sigils to the five seals.

Choose a non-Hydro DPS that doesn’t rely on physical attacks to defeat three Hydro Primordial Bathysmal Vishaps in 30 seconds. Ayaka, Ganyu, Hu Tao, Yanfei, Xiangling, and Keqing are some of the options.

Hyperion’s Dirge Offering in Evernight Temple

You’re one step closer to obtaining the Divine Bridle, and the Evernight Temple is the next stop. Find another circular clearing right below a ledge next to a Teleport Waypoint at this location on the east side of the Enkanomiya map:

Genshin Impact: How to Complete Hyperion's Dirge Quest & Get Divine Bridle

A Geo Rockfond Rifthound and two Rifthound Whelps will be up against you in this combat challenge, and you only have one minute to defeat them.

To defend against their Corrosion status effect, you’ll need a lot of healing. Combine your most powerful DPS characters with a healer such as Barbara, Kokomi, Diona, or Bennett.

Hyperion’s Dirge Offering in The Serpent’s Heart

The third and final offering can be found south of the Dainichi Mikoshi in The Serpent’s Heart. To get to the last clearing, go to this location on the map and match Key Sigils to seals once more:

Genshin Impact: How to Complete Hyperion's Dirge Quest & Get Divine Bridle

After placing the Key Sigils at this location, you’ll be up against a Hydro, Pyro, and Electro Abyss Mage. To get the offering, defeat them all in under one minute.

A Cryo DPS like Ayaka, Ganyu, or Eula, as well as sub-DPS characters or supports like Bennett, Xingqiu, and Kazuha, can help you cover all of your bases with other elements and Swirl reactions.

How to Get the Divine Bridle?

Return to Aberaku’s secret room under Dainichi Mikoshi once all three offerings have been obtained and place them on the pedestals. He’ll then reward you with the Divine Bridle as a quest reward for all your efforts.

Well, that’s all we have here about how you can complete Hyperion’s Dirge Quest and Get Divine Bridle. We hope this guide helped you.

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