How to Fix PUBG New State Login Issue “Cannot Connect to the Server”

The launch of PUBG New State has gotten a lot of attention. The game is already available for download, and users can test out the various features by installing it on their devices.

The official release time for PUBG New State is 4:00 a.m. UTC, which is 9:30 a.m. IST, as previously stated by the developers. As a result, users are unable to connect to the game’s servers and receive an error message after downloading the game.

How to Fix PUBG New State Login Issue "Cannot Connect to the Server"

How to Fix PUBG New State: Unable to Connect to the Server Error?

The loading screen is stuck at 38% with the message “Checking for Updates,” and users receive an error message that reads:

Unable to connect to the server

There is no need for players to panic or reinstall the game. They’ll only have to wait a little longer because the servers will be up and running in the coming hours on both Android and iOS platforms.

The official PUBG New State Twitter handle has addressed the issue:

 Several players reported that they were unable to progress past the 38 percent loading screen. After 38 percent of the game had loaded, players began to experience “Unable to connect to server” issues.

Krafton quickly addressed the problem with a delay notice, as well as a list of major bugs that they are working to resolve.

PUBG New State Bugs & Known Issues and Fixes

How to Fix PUBG New State Login Issue "Cannot Connect to the Server"

In addition, Krafton has compiled a list of the game’s bugs that have been widely reported. All of these bugs should be fixed in the near future via a patch. Here’s a quick rundown of all the game’s current issues:

After creating an account or selecting the server in Settings > Basic Connection >Select Server>, an issue where the incorrect ping information is displayed on occasion. A temporary UI error has caused this problem.

Fix: To resolve this issue, please close and relaunch the app.

You may experience occasional flickering or abnormal colors in-game due to this issue. This issue could be caused by your mobile device running an older Android OS version.

Fix: After updating your device’s OS to the latest version, we recommend restarting the game. If the problem persists after updating to the latest version, change your Settings > Graphics > Graphics API > to OPEN GL.

If you continuously tap the reload button, you may not hear or see any reload sound or motion when reloading.

Other Bugs and their Fixes

When landing from a high altitude, there’s a chance you won’t hear anything.

When getting a stack of items, there is an issue where the quantity is sometimes marked as (0). Please keep in mind that this is a user interface issue, and you will receive the correct quantity.

The Follow feature in PUBG New State does not work, despite the fact that it appears to be applied when reentering a match, even if it was set before leaving the match.

A character revived with a Green Flare Gun will occasionally appear abnormally in the result screen.

A problem in which lighting a Molotov inside a tram does not cause the tram to catch fire.

If a dropped weapon is dropped at the respawn point on the Station map, you may receive it instead of your preset weapon.

There is a problem with certain objects appearing abnormally on the Station map. When you respawn, this will be restored.

These issues will be fixed once you respawn in the game. Furthermore, if these errors still persists, make sure to clear the app cache. 

PUBG New State Settings Issues

A problem in which the sensitivity differs from the actual set value.

Fix: This problem can be resolved by resetting the sensitivity to one of the following options in the Sensitivity Setting tabs: Low/Medium/High

After using the trunk button, some buttons in the control settings are not selectable.

Fix: Restart your game and clear the app cache.

Lobby Bugs

When you re-enter PUBG New State after the game has been in the background for more than 1 minute, the chatting system does not work. Restarting the app will resolve the problem.

When you choose a new party leader, the map selection settings are reset.

When playing the game in the background while in a party, you may become disconnected.

Spectators Glitches

When spectating a squad member, the scope is occasionally displayed abnormally.

Even when spectating another player, the player’s ID does not change.

Other Bugs

When playing PUBG New State on an iOS mobile device, you may notice occasional flickering of location names in the world map.

When opening a bag on an iOS mobile device, the Pick up/Lootbox/Trunk buttons may be forcedly moved along the x-axis.

Well, these are known bugs and errors in the PUBG New States and their fixes. We will keep this guide updated with the latest fixes as and when they are found.

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