How to Fix Lost Ark Twitch Drops Not Showing?

Recently a lot of users started complaining that their Twitch Drops have disappeared from Lost Ark. In fact, the in-game mail that contained Twitch Drops are not showing at all in the game. Lost Ark is infamous for such errors. Players get items from Streams and broadcasts that have drops enabled after claiming them from the Twitch inbox. However, when players notice that the drops are invisible they try out every way possible to get them back. Here are those ways in a more sophisticated way.

How to Fix Lost Ark Twitch Drops Not Showing?

How to Fix Lost Ark Twitch Drops Not Showing?

Just like in every game, Lost Ark also offers Twitch drops and in-game rewards. But what if Twitch drops not showing? Well, to don’t need to worry, we have a set of fixes that will help you resolve the twitch drops vanishing issue on any platform you are playing.

Fix 1: Restart Lost Ark

Sometimes, restarting solves a lot of issues in Lost Ark including Twitch Drops not showing. Simply restart your game on whatever platform you are playing and you will be good to go. If restart doesn’t help, don’t worry we have plenty of fixes waiting for you to be tried.

Fix 2: Try Logging IN and OUT

The best way to fix Twitch Drops not showing glitch is to try logging in and out of your Lost Ark account. Open your browser, then go to Lost Ark, and log out. Now clear your browser cache and cookies and log back in. Now check if the Twitch Drops are back in your account. If not, read on to the next fix.

Fix 3: Wait for Inventory to Reload

Sometimes the inventory takes time to reload. This reloading time usually makes people worried and think that Twitch Drops are not showing. It can take some time for your inventory in Lost Ark to load and Twitch Drops to reappear. If waiting isn’t helping, move down to the next fix.

Fix 4: Check Everything is Linked Properly

You need to check whether Amazon is properly linked to Twitch. In case the credentials are not matching between Amazon and Twitch, then twitch drops will not be shown. Make sure the information in both the account makes and especially the billing one.

After that, reconnect Twitch to Lost Ark. You can also try disconnecting Twitch from Lost Ark and then connect it back again. This is a tried and true method because ultimately your Twitch drops are not lost, they are just not showing. So don’t worry, log out and log back in and you will be good to go.

Fix 5: Wait for Your Rewards

It is possible that your Twitch drop rewards haven’t come and you are complaining that they are not showing. Twitch drops sometimes take as long as 24 hours to appear and you need to patiently wait for that.

Also, sometimes the server is out of sync. As a result, server issues are not from your end and you of course have no control over them. So wait for some time and everything will be fine.

Well, that’s all we have here about how you can fix Lost Ark Twitch drops not showing or disappearing issue. We hope this guide helped you. If you liked this, make sure to check out how to fix Godsent Law error. In case you want to get a Motorcycle Mount, we have got that covered as well.

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