Is Escape From Tarkov Coming to Xbox Series X|S and PS5?

Is there an Xbox One X|S or PS5 release date set for Escape From Tarkov? Battlestate Games’ hardcore looter shooter is picking up steam online, inspiring other developers to create similar-inspired games. This may be the question on your mind right now.

Is Escape From Tarkov Coming to Xbox Series X|S and PS5?

Is Escape From Tarkov coming to Xbox Series X|S and PS5?

There has been a lot of new content added to Escape from Tarkov over the past few years, but the game is still in beta – which it has been since 2017. After all these years, the game is still a long way from being available on consoles despite its increasing size and popularity.

That being said, a console port of Escape from Tarkov isn’t ruled out. Battlestate has stated that they are interested in bringing this harcore looter shooter to Xbox and PlayStation consoles in the future, but when that will actually happen remains to be seen. Everything we know about the Xbox and PlayStation 5 versions of Escape From Tarkov is here.

The existence of a console version of Escape From Tarkov has been officially confirmed by Battlestate Games. He said Battlestate Games was in talks with publishers in June 2020 about porting Tarkov to consoles, and in December 2021, he reiterated his team’s intent in BSG’s 2021 end of year podcast on Twitch about bringing Tarkov to console.

However, beyond these two instances, console information is scarce. If the console version of the game is still being developed, we’ll have to wait and see.

Benefits Of Escape From Tarkov Arriving To Consoles

The most obvious benefit of the game being released on consoles is that it will be accessible to a wider audience. Those who are unable to play the game due to lack of access to a PC or laptop, but who have enjoyed watching others play it on sites like

Furthermore, it could imply that the game will support cross-platform play. This means that people can play the game together regardless of the platform they choose. In recent years, cross-platform play has grown rapidly, and it’s exciting to see people able to play with each other regardless of platform.

There can be no doubt that when the experience comes to consoles, there will be a slew of eager fans!

Well, that’s all we know so far about Escape From Tarkov being released on Xbox Series X|S and PS5. We hope this guide helped you. If you liked this, make sure to check out whether Sifu is Coming to Xbox One or Series X|S.

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