Escape Academy: How to Complete Mission One – Introductions

In Escape Academy, the first thing you’ll encounter after booting up a new game is one of the world’s most disgruntled employees, who will then thrust you into your very first escape room. After spending some time in this escape room, you’ll begin to notice that things aren’t what they seem to be, and the puzzles will begin to become more difficult. This introductory mission can be a little out of the ordinary. Here’s our guide to complete mission one – introductions in Escape Academy.

Escape Academy: How to Complete Mission One - Introductions

How to Complete Mission One – Introductions in Escape Academy?

In Escape Academy, the player must first complete the first level, which takes place in a traditional escape room, before proceeding to the rest of the game. However, the preceding paragraphs may seem a bit opaque if you’ve never encountered a puzzle like this.

Here’s a simple, step-by-step guide to help you get into the puzzle-solving swing of things. If you’re stuck on Escape Academy’s first level, “Introductions,” this guide will help you out.

Find the Key of Truth

When the room is first opened, everyone should take a quick glance at the podium. You can decipher the message by looking at the time, as it contains a hidden code.

A note on the wall clock instructs you to visualize it as 12:30 right now.

This is a crucial digit. The tabletop chest can be opened by entering the code 1230 into the lock. Use this to open the chest and retrieve the Blue Goblet and Mysterious Clue, which will be needed later.

Escape Academy: How to Complete Mission One - Introductions

The other goblets are required now that the chest has been opened. Do a thorough search of the box and the nearby trash can. These are the locations where you can find the Yellow and Red Goblets, respectively.

Upon collecting all three glasses, consult the Mysterious Clue in your bag. The goblets have a blue, yellow, red, and red design. Get the word “Free” by noting the letters in the goblets in that order. To access the Key of Truth, enter the word FREE into the safe in the room. To proceed to the next section, turn the key in the lock.

Escape Academy: How to Complete Mission One - Introductions

Find the Key of Lies

Escape Academy: How to Complete Mission One - Introductions

Once you leave the room, the ticking of a timer is no longer a concern. Gather the code from the t-shirts hanging in the lobby to begin.

Enter the code from the tees into the remote control on the table next to you. Follow these steps and your TV should display the appropriate codes.

  1. WRO
  2. NYYVR
  3. RRY

Escape Academy: How to Complete Mission One - Introductions

You’ll need these for the next step of the puzzle, however mysterious they may seem at first. Gather the business cards from the bulletin board near the locked door before proceeding.

You can now go through the locked door because you have the necessary business cards. A mounted fish can be seen above the trio of scanners on the back wall. If you’re trying to decipher the TV codes, they’ll be over there to your right. Viewing the TV in the room is not a problem at all for decoding the signals. The business cards you just picked up have matching codes. To be scanned, please insert the following cards.

  • Scanner One Jeb’s Business Card
  • Scanner Two  Allie’s Business Card
  • Scanner Three  E.E.L.’s Business Card

Escape Academy: How to Complete Mission One - Introductions

When in its proper place, the fish will rise to reveal the Key of Lies. To enter the restroom, turn the Key of Lies in the lock. The last stall in the restroom is vacant, so please feel free to use it. When you get to the bottom, you’ll find the Escape Academy’s headmaster waiting for you.

Well, that’s all we have here about how you can complete mission one introductions in Escape Academy. We hope this guide has helped you. If you liked this, make sure to check out Escape Academy: How to Complete Mission Two – The Entrance Exam.

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