Elden Ring Update 1.10 Patch Notes – Official

Elden Ring update 1.10 has been released by FromSoftware today, that is 26th of July. Further, since the launch of Elden Ring, we have seen FromSoftware to be regular with the bug fixes and performance improvement updates. Here we have given a detailed outline of everything you need to know about the Elden Ring update 1.10 and its patch notes.

Elden Ring Update 1.05 Patch Notes - Official

What is Elden Ring Update 1.10 Patch Note?

Changes and fixes were previously made to the game’s Elden Ring in version 1.04 to enhance the overall experience. The game’s bugs and glitches are still affecting a large number of players, unfortunately.

Several of these problems have been addressed in Elden Ring patch 1.10. This patch update of Elden Ring is solely dedicated to bug fixes, low FPS, and in-game crashes. FromSoftware has also addressed the fixing of various NPC quests such as Nepheli Loux.

Elden Ring 1.10 Patch Update Maintenance Time

With every update coming, there has to be some maintenance time for the update to take place. FromSoftware has notified the maintenance time for Elden Ring patch update 1.10 to be 1 AM Pacific Time, 8 AM Coordinated Universal Time, and 5 PM Japan Standard Time.

You can use a time zone converter to look up which time the above means in your respective zones.

What’s New in Elden Ring Update 1.10?

Elden Ring Update 1.05 Patch Notes - Official

There are a lot of things with Elden Ring update 1.10. First of all, there have traditional bug fixes and performance improvements. Many players may think performance updates are just for namesake. However, they are not. It may not be you, but some players may be experiencing jitters and stutters throughout the game.

You may be using Nvidia’s latest graphics card such as RTX 3080 or so but other players might be having GTX 1050Ti or even AMD. AMD has been known for not so optimized gaming experience. These performance improvements target those devices and provide a major boost.

Furthermore, an infamous bug known to kill the main character when trying to descend from a spot near Bestial Sanctum has also been fixed. You can try playing a quest and check that out itself after the rollout is finished.

A lot of players complained that Ash of War, Endure was not spawning. FromSoftware has reportedly fixed that issue as well.

Another fix is a very important one. There is a bug that caused a lot of players to teleport others to incorrect map locations. This nasty bug destroyed a lot of gaming sessions.

The patch notes will be released after the update is complete. Another fix that was really important was consoled automatically turned off while playing Elden Ring. Thankfully, it has also been fixed with Elden Ring update 1.10.

Elden Ring Patch Update 1.10 Size

A lot of players are interested in knowing the size of the Elden Ring update 1.10. However, looking at the previous patch 1.04 size it was a mere 14 MB for PC, 98 MB for PlayStation, and 600 MP on Xbox.

Looking at these figures we can assume that the size for update 1.10 will not exceed more than 1 GB. We will update this with precise numbers as soon as well get our hands on the update.

We must however appreciate FromSoftware to provide regular updates since the game’s release. This is the 5th update and they have been regularly trying to improve the in-game experience.

Well, that’s all we know so far about the Elden Ring update 1.10 patch notes and update status. We hope this guide helped you. Make sure to keep checking this page as we will update this as and when new information regarding the update is available.

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