Elden Ring: What to Do With Dragonwound Grease

If you’re having trouble with dragons, try some Dragonwound Grease. This useful item should be kept on your person at all times in case a dragon happens to pass by. Further, it “coats an armament, granting anti-dragon effects,” according to the item description. In Elden Ring, this is how you use Dragonwound Grease.

What is Dragonwound Grease?

Gravel and stones are mixed together to form a solidified grease which results in Dragonwound grease.  Anti-dragon effects are granted by coating this on a weapon of your choice. As a result of being born from dragons that had stone scales, they can now be used to inflict mortal harm on them.

Anti-dragon effects and application to a weapon are both mentioned in the Dragonwound Grease description. The Dragonwound Grease can be used while fighting dragons to inflict fatal wounds.

After selecting it from your inventory, you must apply the Dragonwound Grease to your weapon. An indication that the effect has been activated will be provided by a change in weapon color. Using this while fighting dragons will increase your damage output by a significant amount.

This ability is particularly useful in the fight against Flying Dragon Agheel. Dragonwound Grease loses its effectiveness the more it is used. Your weapon’s color will fade over time, and you’ll be able to understand that.

What to Do With Dragonwound Grease in Elden Ring?

As you travel the world, you will come across many different types of grease. When you use one of them on your weapon, it gives you a different bonus. Select it from your inventory to apply it to your weapon.

You’ll notice that your weapon changes color slightly after the effect is applied to show that it’s working.

Elden Ring: What to Do With Dragonwound Grease

You will deal more damage to dragon enemies while your weapon is influenced by the Dragonwound Grease. This is extremely useful when dealing with the lake’s dragon boss.

If you use this material before the battle, Agheel will have no idea what hit them. The color will vanish when the weapon’s effect expires, so keep an eye out for when that happens.

How to Apply Weapon Grease in Elden Ring?

Even though we don’t recommend it, Weapon Grease is listed as a consumable item. But if you put it on your weapon, you’ll get a boost in power that can help you take down a stuttering opponent.

A simple method of applying Weapon Grease is available. You only need to open the Menu, go to Inventory, and then scroll down to the various Greases you’ve collected. Using the Grease that you’ve selected is as simple as selecting it and clicking on Use. After that, your weapon will receive the benefit of the buff, increasing its power for a predetermined period of time.

While you can stack buffs and use Greases on weapons that contain Ashes of War, you cannot do both at the same time. Using Grease on a weapon with Ashes of War will result in a grayed-out Use button, which prevents you from using it.

If you want to see if you want to spend some of your hard-earned Ashes of War on a favorite weapon, you can test out the new buff without permanently adding it to your favorite piece of gear and see what works best for you and your playstyle!

Fire Grease Recipe Location in Elden Ring

Grease made from a mixture of incendiary materials that has hardened. It coats weapons with a fire-damaging effect to attacks. However, it only lasts a short time.

In Stormveil Castle: Stormveil Cliffside, you can use the Rusty Key to open the second-floor door, then climb the ladder, turn right into a corridor, and descend to the end of the path to find this item on the wooden floors at the end of that corridor. Below is the location of the recipe:

Elden Ring: What to Do With Dragonwound Grease

How to Craft Rot Grease in Elden Ring?

You can craft rot grease in Elden Ring by using one aeonian butterfly, one root resin, and Nomadic Cookbook 22. The cookbook can be found in the lake of Rot. Further, you would be excited to know that Margrit is quite vulnerable to rot grease. So use it, and confirm your win. Remember that you can hold up to 10 Rot grease and store 600 Rot Grease. A Rot Grease can also be sold for 200 Runes.

Well, that’s all we have here about what you can do with Dragonwound Grease in Elden Ring. We hope this guide helped you.

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