How to Get Iron, Steel, and Titanium in Dysmantle?

Metals are among the most important crafting materials in Dysmantle, which puts a premium on crafting. Metal comes in three varieties—iron, steel, and titanium—and is used in the forging and upgrading of a wide variety of items.

The methods for acquiring all three are detailed in this Dysmantle guide. Also, a lot of people have problems, especially with acquiring Steel in Dysmantle aside from Iron and Titanium. With that being said, here’s our guide to help you get iron, titanium, and steel in Dysmantle.

How to Get Iron, Steel, and Titanium in Dysmantle?

How to Get Iron in Dysmantle?

Getting iron in Dysmantle is usually the first step in the process of obtaining steel or titanium. You can get iron in a number of different ways in Dysmantle, but dismantling is the most productive.

You can get materials like metal from pretty much anything you find in the world. However, the stronger metals and other materials, such as plant matter and wood, also benefit from this method.

Lockers, sinks, hydrants, appliances, signs, and other metal objects of a similar size are common sources of iron.

Between one and two iron is typically lost, though larger items like mall signs, basketball hoops, tent frames, and metal gates can lose four or more. Sawmill dismantling results in a 30 reduction in value, making it the best iron source.

Iron can be obtained from both the loot of defeated enemies and the dismantling of metal objects.

Apart from dismantling pieces of metal, you can get iron from enemy drops as well, such as:

  • Ex-Human Leaper: 50% chance of dropping
  • Tomb Guard: 75% chance of dropping
  • Machine Gun Turret: Two iron of dropping
  • Rocket Launcher Turret: Two iron of dropping
  • Ex-Human Puker: 50% chance of dropping
  • Ex-Human Stalker: 50% chance of dropping

Keep an eye out for metal as loot in buried treasures or timed crates as you travel the world.

You can use a smelter to turn your stockpile of scrap metal into iron if you’re stuck with it and don’t know what to do with it. There are only a handful of locations worldwide where you won’t need a gas mask to visit smelters. Here are the coordinates:

878º, 595º ; 625º, 448º ; 469º, 122º ; 252º, 823º.

After 25 seconds in the smelter, you can produce one iron ingot from twelve pieces of scrap metal. In order to fuel the smelter for 25 seconds, you should use plant matter as it provides 5 seconds of fuel each, scrap wood as it provides 15 seconds of fuel each, and wood as it provides 40 seconds of fuel each.

How to Get Titanium and Steel in Dysmantle?

Similar to what we discussed earlier, metals can be refined in a smelter to create steel and titanium in Dysmantle. Eight iron ingots can be refined into a steel ingot in fifty seconds, and one titanium rod can be refined from four steel ingots in one minute and fifteen seconds. Though this is the most common method, there are other ways to get your hands on steel and titanium.

Steel is more uncommon than iron and is sometimes dropped by foes. Tomb Guards are the only enemies with a chance to drop steel (at a rate of 25%). Like iron, it can be unearthed from buried treasures and locked crates all over the world.

Steel can also be obtained through the dismantling of various metal objects, though this will require the dismantling of larger objects. Dropping between one and three steel, such as garage doors, large poles or pipes, cars, or cargo containers. Targeting large structures like buses, train cars, turbines, cranes, or towers is the only way to obtain more than three steel at a time.

Only the smelter, which can be dismantled, can yield titanium. You’ll get a titanium for your trouble. However, the smelter can be used to refine much more titanium, so this is not worthwhile. Don’t bother mining for titanium, instead concentrate on refining and looting. Remember, defeated enemies will not drop titanium under any circumstances.

Here are the coordinates where you can find Titanium:

  • One at 545º, 186º
  • One at 463º, 96º
  • One at 943º, 349º
  • One at 1286º, 685º
  • One in buried treasure at 390º, 375º
  • One in buried treasure at 570º, 714º
  • One in buried treasure at 364º, 727º
  • One in buried treasure at 612º, 594º
  • One in buried treasure at 167,115º
  • Two in buried treasure at 972º, 367º
  • Two in buried treasure at 1027º, 453º
  • Two in buried treasure at 1013º, 399º
  • Three in buried treasure at 992º, 426º
  • Five in buried treasure at 933º, 404º
  • One in a timed crate at 949º, 631º
  • One in a timed crate at 1055º, 890º
  • Two in a timed crate at 183º, 418º
  • Three in a timed crate at 888º, 386º
  • Three in a timed crate at 1633º, 562º

Well, that’s all we have here about how you can get Iron, Steel, and Titanium in Dysmantle. We hope this guide has helped you.

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