Dying Light 2: Should You Help Aitor Find Lucas’ Killer?

One of the first times you’re forced to choose between the two major factions in Dying Light 2 is when you choose to help Aitor in finding Commander Lucas’ killer. This is the first time in the game that you’ll be dealing directly with the Peacekeepers, at least their higher-ups, so your decision here will set the tone for your future interactions with them.

Further, it appears to be a big deal because it could lead to the Central Loop, which is where Aiden needs to go for the main story, so most players will want to consider their options. Here’s what happens if you choose either option.

Should You Help Aitor in Dying Light 2?

This may appear to be a huge decision with long-term implications, but both options are functionally identical. Regardless of what you do here, the main story of Dying Light 2 will force you to find Lucas’ killer.

Your choice will only influence whether or not you receive Aitor’s assistance, and even then, only in a minor way.

If you select “I can try,” you will collaborate directly with Aitor to solve Lucas’ murder. He’ll be upset if you tell him, “I have my own affairs,” but he’ll let you go.

When you meet up with Hakon outside, he’ll tell you that you should have just taken the offer and that the two of you will work together to find Lucas’ killer and gain access to the rest of the city.

Even though it may appear to be a significant decision, it will not bind you to any long-term alliances or relationships. Before you’re forced to choose between the Peacekeepers and the Survivors, you still have plenty of opportunities to learn more about them.

When the game gives you a timer and a binary choice, you’ll know when your choices will have long-term consequences. Those are the characters who will change the course of the story. However, if you plan on later allying with the Peacekeepers, it’s not a bad idea to tell Aitor that you’ll assist him.

Even though you’ll be dealing with people higher up the Peacekeeper chain of command once you’ve gained access to the Central Loop, having a good relationship with Aitor may be beneficial. Again, it won’t have a significant impact, so don’t be concerned.

Well, that’s all we have here about whether you should help Aitor find Lucas’ killer or not.  We hope this guide helped you.

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