Dying Light 2: Fastest Way To Get Parkour XP

In Dying Light 2, parkour XP is essential for progressing through the levels. Aiden is a below-average climber without any levels. He can only keep himself upright for a few seconds before crashing to the ground. Even inexperienced rock wall climbers roll their eyes as they wait for him to speed up.

Aiden becomes not only above-average but also supernatural at parkour feats as he progresses through the game. The problem with this rosy outlook is that leveling up parkour is a grind on par with the worst grinds ever seen in video games. If he uses the right technique, Aiden is only a few hours away from maxing out this skill in Dying Light 2.

Dying Light 2: Fastest Way To Get Parkour XP

The Fastest Ways to Earn Parkour XP

Here are the ways to earn Parkour XP in the fastest way possible:

Wait For Nightfall

Dying Light 2: Fastest Way To Get Parkour XP

If you don’t level at night, you’ll only get half of the experience you could get. Those who want to max out a skill in a single or two gaming sessions will be bored out of their minds regardless, but without this bonus, the grind could take a week.

Go out after the sun has set to boost your immunity. Avoid getting too far away from a UV light, as players will need to enter a UV area to stay human. The transition between parkour areas and UV lights isn’t ideal, but the double experience points make up for it.

Find Parallel Monkey Bars

Dying Light 2: Fastest Way To Get Parkour XP

Players will notice that the game rewards them heavily the first time they perform a parkour move. However, if they repeat the move too quickly, they will only receive one point of experience. When you go back and forth on the same set of monkey bars, you’ll mostly get single points.

After landing, however, parallel monkey bars (bars that are side by side) count as separate maneuvers. Look for multiple bars on the same pole, then swing on one, land, and repeat. In no time, players will have access to the best parkour skills.

Start A Chase?

Dying Light 2: Fastest Way To Get Parkour XP

Chases increase the nighttime double multiplier to a triple or quadruple multiplier, according to players. What’s the catch? A chase must be started by the players. The first few stages of the chase aren’t too bad, and most zombies have a hard time getting to rooftops in time.

By wave three, however, zombies that can kill the player in one or two hits begin to appear. And they’re just as quick as Aiden. Gamers will have to weigh in on whether or not this risk is worthwhile. It’s not recommended to start a chase most of the time, but anyone feeling adventurous and ready to dodge zombies on rooftops might want to give it a shot.

Welll, that’s all we have here about the fastest ways to get Parkour XP. We hope this guide helped you. Here’s our guide to Best Parkour Skills you must acquire in the game.

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